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home » software » Development Tools » XML-Serializer Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  XML-Serializer

A superior alternative to DOM and SAX simplifying XML-to-Java and Java-to-XML data binding.
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  A superior alternative to DOM and SAX simplifying XML-to-Java and Java-to-XML data binding.

Adaptinet's XML-Serializer is a robust data-binding solution that greatly simplifies binding native XML to and from Java objects. The XML-Serializer generates a Java object model from XML-Schemas and the run-time component takes care of the low-level details of binding to and from these objects models.

Unlike alternative XML binding tools, XML-Serializer provides support for both DTDs and XML-Schemas. One of the benefits of XML-Schema support within the XML-Serializer gives you the ability to use data-types and automatic data-type checking. The XML-Serializer automatically performs data-type checking and serialization when performing data-binding. This serialization process is built into the XML-Serializer and does not require external java-binding-schemas.

Whether you're using XML as a messaging protocol for application-to-application communication (client-server, server-server, etc.), or you just need to modify raw XML files, your development efforts are quick and easy with XML-Serializer.

The XML-Serializer is available under a shareware license for $49.95 for a single user development license and the XML-Serializer does not require a deployment license.

Feature Short List:
  • Binds native XML directly to and from Java objects at run-time
  • Supports both DTDs and XML-Schemas
  • XML-Serializer applications are extremely easy to create and use
  • XML-Serializer validates data at run-time
  • XML-Serializer applications are extensible
  • XML-Serializer validates data at run-time
  • Uses Java technology
  • Built-In support for JBuilder
  • No Deployment Licensing Fees
More Information:
Developer:  Adaptinet Inc.
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial - Trial version available for download.
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