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home » software Sat, Feb 23, 2008
XML/Web Services Software Listing

Application to Application Pro
XMetaL  (SoftQuad Software, Ltd.)
Enabling XML content applicati

XML Authority  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The comprehensive development

Total-e-Server  (Bluestone Software, Inc.)
Provides a proven, flexible, s

More Application to Application Pro

Conversion Tools
Highwire  (CORDA Technologies Inc.)
Conversion of HTML to PDF, usi

Majix  (TetraSix)
Word to XML converter

GoXML™ Transform  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation

More Conversion Tools

Development Tools
XML Spy  (Altova)
The first true Integrated Deve

Xcripter  (Moisés Daniel)
A framework for database drive

X-Fetch™ Suite  (Republica Corp)
A fast and easy-to-use toolkit

More Development Tools

Content Management
Apache Cocoon  (The Apache Software Foundation)
A 100% pure Java publishing fr

Content@XML  (Xyvision Enterprise Solutions,)
Harnesses the power and flexib

eContent  (Jcorporate Ltd.)
Simple and affordable content

More Content Management

XML Parsers and Processors
MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation)
High-performance XML parser wh

Expat XML Parser  (Clark Cooper)
An XML parser library written

Xerces  (Apache Software Foundation)
XML parsers in Java, C++ (with

More XML Parsers and Processors

XML Editors
XML Spy  (Altova)
The first true Integrated Deve

Visual XML  (Pierlou Inc.)
A tool that enables you to cre

Syntext Serna  (Syntext, Inc.)
Portable True WYSIWYG XML Edit

More XML Editors

XSLT Editors
eXcelon Stylus Studio  (eXcelon Corporation)
An integrated development envi

Visual XSLT  (ActiveState)
Visual XSLT is the powerhouse

IBM XSL Editor  (IBM AlphaWorks)
The IBM XSL Editor application

More XSLT Editors

XSLT Utilities
XSLT Test Tool  (Joshua Allen)
XSLT test utility with user in

MSXSL.EXE Command Line Transfo  (Microsoft Corp.)
Enables you to perform command

XSLTracer  (Zvon)
Tool that visualizes the proce

More XSLT Utilities

XSLT Engines
Oracle XSLT Processor  (Oracle Corp.)
XSLT Processor: transforms or

FastXML  (Helena Kupková)
A prototype of high performanc

MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation)
MSXML 3.0 featured complete im

More XSLT Engines

XPath Tools
Visual XPath  (Nauman Leghari)
A graphical way of generating

XPathTool  (Wui Cheong Enterprise Inc. (Kh)
This tool is meant as a learni

XPath 1.0 (XSL Patterns)  (Aaron Skonnard)
Interactive Expression Builder

More XPath Tools

DTD/Schema Editors and Tools
XML Spy  (Altova)
XML Spy supports both editing

XML Authority V2.1  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The premier solution for the c

Turbo XML  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
A professional solution for de

More DTD/Schema Editors and Tools

Search Engines
XML Query Engine  (Fatdog Software)
XML Query Engine (XQEngine for

TEXTML Server  (IXIA, inc)
n XML database whose purpose i

GoXML™ Search  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation

More Search Engines

XML Browsers
XML Viewer for Java  (IBM AlphaWorks)
A Java application that displa

Microsoft Internet Explorer  (Microsoft Corp.)
Microsoft's web browser with c

Netscape 6.01  (Netscape)
It supports HTML 4.0, XML, CSS

More XML Browsers

SOAP Toolkits
SOAP::Lite  (Paul Kulchenko)
The Power Of Simplicity: SOAP:

Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0  (Microsoft Corporation)

More SOAP Toolkits

Native XML Databases
A native full-featured data ma

XYZFind  (XYZFind Corporation)
XYZFind™ is a native XML datab

eXist  (Wolfgang Meier)
An Open Source native XML data

More Native XML Databases

XML Web Services
Confluent Web Services Managem  (Confluent Software, Inc.)
For the first time, decentrali

SOAP::Lite for Perl  (Paul Kulchenko)
The Power Of Simplicity. A col

Wisiba  (Itellix)
A platform independent, standa

More XML Web Services

XSL-FO Tools
Formatting Objects Authoring (  (Fabio Giannetti (HP))
World's first XSL-FO Authoring

FOP (Formatting Objects Proces  (The Apache Software Foundation)
The world's first print format

XSL Formatter  (Antenna House, Inc.)
A professional formatting solu

More XSL-FO Tools

XML/Web Services Security
XSign Software Development Kit  (Security Technology Competence)
The first C++ based software d

XKMS using ASP.NET (Article)  (Microsoft Corporation)
This paper and its associated

RSA BSAFE Secure-WS, SecurXML-  (RSA Security Inc.)
Securing SOAP Messages with WS

More XML/Web Services Security

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