Using XML in the .NET Framework "  Chapter 4 127 Figure 4.11  Continued ValidationEventArgs args) { Console.WriteLine(args.Message); } } } The example in Figure 4.11 is about as simple as it gets. It simply creates a new complex type, defines an attribute to be used in the complex type, and then compiles and shows the resulting XSD document.  Table 4.8 lists the classes inside the System.Xml.Schema namespace. Table 4.8 System.XML.Schema Classes Class Name Class Description XmlSchema This class stores the definition of a schema. XmlSchemaAll The W3C all element. XmlSchemaAnnotated Base class for annotation elements. XmlSchemaAnnotation The W3C annotation element. XmlSchemaAny The W3C any element. XmlSchemaAnyAttribute The W3C anyAttribute element. XmlSchemaAppInfo The W3C appinfo element. XmlSchemaAttribute The W3C attribute element. XmlSchemaAttributeGroup The W3C attributeGroup element with the ref attribute. XmlSchemaChoice The W3C choice element. XmlSchemaCollection Stores a cache of XSD and XDR schemas. XmlSchemaCollectionEnumerator Allows for simple iteration of the XmlSchemaCollection. XmlSchemaComplexContent The W3C complexContent element. XmlSchemaComplexContent The W3C extension element. Extension XmlSchemaComplexContent The W3C restriction element. Restriction Continued 155_xml_net_pd_C04.qk  3/6/02  1:57 PM  Page 127