134 Chapter 4 " Using XML in the .NET Framework Table 4.12 Continued Type Name Description Property NodeType Overridden version of the XmlNodes implementation. Property Preserve Gets or sets the value indicating Whitespace whether to preserve whitespace. Method CloneNode Overridden version of the XmlNodes implementation. Method CreateAttribute Creates an XmlAttribute with the speci- fied name. Method CreateCData Creates an XmlCDataSection containing Section the specified data. Method CreateComment Creates an XmlComment containing the specified text. Method CreateDocument Creates an XmlDocumentFragment. Fragment Method CreateDocument Creates an XmlDocumentType object. Type Method CreateElement Creates an XmlElement object. Method CreateNode Creates an XmlNode object. Method CreateTextNode Creates an XmlTextNode object with the specified text. Method GetElementsBy Returns an XmlNodeList containing all TagName the descendant elements with the specified name. Method Load Loads the XmlDocument. Method LoadXml Loads the XmlDocument from the spec- ified string. Method Save Saves the XmlDocument. The XmlDocument class contains methods and properties to create, load, save, and edit an XmlDocument. Most of the interaction of the nodes contained in an XmlDocument are managed through the XmlNode classs properties and methods. See Figure 4.12 for an example of how to use the XmlDocument and XmlNode  class to create a simple XML document (the code for this can be found in the XmlDocumentProject folder at www.syngress.com/solutions). www.syngress.com 155_xml_net_pd_C04.qk  3/6/02  1:57 PM  Page 134