308 Chapter 7 " Building a SQLXML Web Service Application Moving on to the Data Source Tab, here it is possible to search for all of your available servers and select the one you want. Note, you should uncheck the Use default database for current login option and then browse to either the TimeTrack database that has been downloaded from the Solutions Web site for the book, or the database that you created for this project. Click on the database that you will be using, and be sure that it appears in the dialog box.You should see an image similar to Figure 7.9. Now we can set the settings for this Virtual Root. For our sample application we will just be using the Allow POST option.This will allow us to post a query to the database through HTTP.You can also set up XML updateagrams and use that option or enable sql= queries and return result sets via the URL. Depending upon the security needed for your application you may or may not want to do this, because you will be exposing your database schema and objects in the URL. For now select Allow POST (see Figure 7.10) and leave the default size of 100 KB; we will not be sending anything larger than that. www.syngress.com Figure 7.9 Virtual Directory Data Source Tab