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Web Services: Web Services and Bowstreet

Bowstreet has developed the industry's first Web Services automation system. It builds on the four building blocks of Web Services - Internet communications protocols, HTTP, XML and Directory Services. However, it adds simplicity, security, scalability and extensibility through its completely native XML architecture, dynamic change engine, and feature-based templates with parametric change technology. The Bowstreet™ Business Web Factory was built from the ground up and represents everything - not just data and documents, but actual business processes and directory services - as XML Web Services. This creates the highly dynamic computing environment demanded by next-generation e-commerce.

Bowstreet's™ Business Web Factory publishes Web Services in a directory, as the basis for central control and security. To create Web Services, IT staff use templates or "recipes" instead of explicit application code. The system then uses the information in these recipes to assemble custom Web Services at run-time anywhere across the Internet.

More importantly, businesspeople - not IT - can change the behavior of Web Services using profile and policy information. In a client/server model, to change the behavior of an application, a programmer would have had to go in and create new, explicit code. Templates and parametric change technology enable Bowstreet customers to serve the needs of hundreds or even thousands of customer relationships, repurpose information and business processes quickly and painlessly, and make their businesses more responsive to customer needs or changing market conditions.

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