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  • XML and Web Services 2002 Conference 11th-13th March 2002 Exhibition 12th-13th March 2002 QEII Conference Centre, London, UK

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  • Professional XML Web Services
    Professional XML Web Services
    Patrick Cauldwell, Rajesh Chawla, Vivek Chopra, Gary Damschen, Chris Dix, Tony Hong, Francis Norton, Uche Ogbuji, Glenn Olander, Mark A Richman, Kristy Saunders, Zoran Zaev

    Web Services are self-describing, modular applications. The Web Services architecture can be thought of as a wrapper for the application code. This wrapper provides standardized means of: describing the Web Service and what it does; publishing it to a registry, so that it can easily be located; and exposing an interface, so that the service can be invoked all in a machine-readable format. What is particularly compelling about Web Services is that any client that understands XML, regardless of platform, language and object model, can access them.

    This book provides a snapshot of the current state of these rapidly evolving technologies, beginning by detailing the main protocols that underpin the Web Services model (SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI), and then putting this theory to practical use in a wide array of popular toolkits, platforms, and development environments.

    The technologies presented in this book provide the foundations of Web Services computing, which is set to revolutionize Distributed Computing, as we know it.

    This book is for developers wanting to learn what web services are, and how to create, register, and deploy them. In teaching the core technologies, we assume knowledge of XML from the outset.
       Read Chapter 3: SOAP Basics from this book exclusively at
       Read Chapter 11: .NET Web Services from this book exclusively at
  • Programming Web Services with XML-RPC  External link

    -- by Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, Joe Johnston

    Programming Web Services with XML-RPC introduces the simple but powerful capabilities of XML-RPC, which lets you connect programs running on different computers with a minimum of fuss, by wrapping procedure calls in XML and establishing simple pathways for calling functions. With XML-RPC, Java programs can talk to Perl scripts, which can talk to Python programs, ASP applications, and so on. You can provide access to procedure calls without having to worry about the system on the other end, so it's easy to create services that are available on the Web.

    XML-RPC isn't the only solution for web services; the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is another much-hyped protocol for implementing web services. While XML-RPC provides fewer capabilities than SOAP, it also has far fewer interoperability problems and its capabilities and limitations are much better understood. XML-RPC is also stable, with over 30 implementations on a wide variety of platforms, so you can start doing real work with it immediately.

    Programming Web Services with XML-RPC covers the details of five XML-RPC implementations, so you can get started developing distributed applications in Java, Perl, Python, ASP, or PHP. The chapters on these implementations contain code examples that you can use as the basis for your own work. This book also provides in-depth coverage of the XML-RPC specification, which is helpful for low-level debugging of XML-RPC clients and servers. And if you want to build your own XML-RPC implementation for another environment, the detailed explanations in this book will serve as a foundation for that work.

    Read Chapter 3: Programming Web Services with XML-RPC  External link from this book.

  • Web Services: A Java Developer's Guide Using e-Speak (With CD-ROM)  External link

  • Web Services Journal  External link

    A new magazine dedicated to Web Services from SYS-CON Media, Inc.

Newsgroups / Discussion Forums

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  • MSDN Web Services Newsgroup (microsoft.public.msdn.webservices)  External link

  • DOTNET Discussions at  External link

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