This introduction to the Web services adoption model shows a very real high-level scenario for how Web services will be deployed by corpo- rations. Chapter 3 explores Web servcies adoption in greater detail. SUMMARY Web services are on the rise for many reasons. Some of these reasons are good for businesses, some are good for consumers, some are opportunities for entrepreneurs to create new business paradigms. It is not our intent to over-hype  Web  services  with  reckless  exuberance.  Nor  is  it  our  intent  to underplay  just  how  this  rapidly  emerging  set  of  business  ideas  and  tech- nologies  might  impact  our  daily  lives.  We  seek  the  middle  ground  while striking a compelling tone. The value chain of information technology promises to shift radically with  the  emergence  of  Web  services.  The  emergence  of  Web  services  has already  created  many  new  companies  hoping  to  tap  into  this  new  para- digm,  and  there  will  be  many  more.  By  the  time  readers  have  digested Chapter 8 of this book, The Web Services Vendor Landscape, which is a brief  vendor  survey,  some  of  those  companies  will  either  have  been acquired  or  will  have  gone  out  of  business.  Welcome  to  the  Darwinian world of emerging technology. Web services will impact the business world in new, unexpected ways. But before you, as a business executive or IT professional, make up your mind about Web services too quickly, remember one thing: Business benefit will  carry  the  day  for  Web  services,  not  technology  alone.  Read  on,  and think business value! A Day in the Life of a CIO 21 74188_WY_Marks_01  2/5/2003  4:08 PM  Page 21