6 Part I:The .NET Framework Imagine a world where all the commercial products and devices you can pu rchase off the shelf are connected via broadband connection to the Internet. They are thus en abled to trade information and report events with lightning-quick speed. The functional ity that can be built upon this type of platform is limitless. Devices and products of all kinds will be delivering or consuming Web se rvices in this type of environment. In most cases, these Web services will not be developed wit h just one type of client in mind. Instead, Web services will offer their logic, informatio n, registration service, or whatever they need to offer to a multitude of clients. Figure 1-2 gives  you a better idea of what this world of Web services can mean to you. Figure 1-2: One Web service for multiple clients. XML Web services will deliver these services over standard protocols suc h as HTTP and SOAP so that any device, regardless of platform, will be able to consume  and utilize the