Figure 1-4: An XML IDE, such as XMLSPY 5, provides XML development support and complements other software development tools. Just as classic IDEs have revolutionized the software development process over the past two decades, XML IDEs  in particular, XMLSPY 5  are modernizing XML and Web services development by providing editing support for all XML technolo- gies.  As  for  the  spys  secret  identity  and  the  outcome  of  the  mission?  You  are the spy, and your mission will be accomplished with the help of XMLSPY and the XMLSPY Handbook as your secret guide to the intricacies of XML. License to XML XMLSPY  5  is  developed  by  Altova,  Inc.  (  and  is  available  in Enterprise, Professional, and Home Editions that vary in price and feature-set. The CD-ROM that accompanies this book includes a special 90-day trial version of the XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition. This special version differs from the version that you can download from the XMLSPY Web site ( in that it enables you to obtain a 90-day evaluation key code to ensure that you have more than enough time to complete all the exercises in this book. The regular downloadable version from the Altova site operates as a 30-day evaluation copy. XMLSPY 5 system requirements To install and use XMLSPY 5, your system should have the following minimum specifications: XML IDE 10 XMLSPY Handbook