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XAnalysis is pleased to bring this new section to you! In this section, we'll publish technical reports and analysis memos on latest and future technologies based on XML. We thank The Stencil Group External link   for supporting us and willing to publish their reports on

About The Stencil Group:
The Stencil Group delivers two primary benefits to their clients: speed and insight. The Stencil Group provides business strategies and implementation services to companies focused on the business Internet. They help the clients—early-stage companies and established companies entering new markets—go to market quickly, professionally, and with the proper strategy in place. Stencil's services help clients compress the time required to scale their operation. The result is accelerated customer acquisition, retention, and revenue.

To learn more about The Stencil Group, visit External link .

The Evolution of UDDI Read this report » Source: The Stencil Group Download this report in PDF file format!
The emerging web services architecture has become familiar to most IT and e-business executives, and the model's business benefits—increased flexibility of IT assets, better integration and coordination among systems, and reduced development costs—are becoming increasingly understood.

UDDI, too, has evolved to reflect today's pragmatic business requirements. By emphasizing the interaction of private and public registries, Version 3 of the specification helps to bring the vision of wide deployment of web services closer to fruition. Indeed, by reflecting real-world use cases, this evolution supports the promise and reality of today's web services applications.

How Web Services Will Beat the "New New Thing" Rap Read this report » Source: The Stencil Group Download this report in PDF file format!
We argue that after substantial hype and a deceptively slow start, web services will drive a significant change in enterprise computing over the next two years. Bottom line, web services will beat the impression that they are just the industry's "new new thing" by effectively shifting the e-business decision-making process back to core, strategic processes—and away from the limits of what IT departments can accomplish. By Bill Robins.

Defining Web Services Read this report » Source: The Stencil Group Download this report in PDF file format!
The label "web services" is incredibly generic. Like any promising and loosely defined technology trend, the concepts it describes will be subject to a great deal of speculation and bandwagoneering in the months to come. With the aim of providing a reference benchmark—and of separating posturing from reality—we provide a technology and business definition. By Brent Sleeper and Bill Robins.

Why UDDI Will Succeed, Quietly: Two Factors Push Web Services Forward Read this report » Source: The Stencil Group Download this report in PDF file format!
On UDDI's six-month birthday, we suggest that two aspects of the growing momentum for web services—one economic, one technical—will help make a success of the standard for registering and discovering web-based services. Bottom line, UDDI will succeed because its technical underpinnings work for the geeks. By Brent Sleeper.
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