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home » info bank » Articles and Tutorials Tue, Oct 30, 2007
Articles and Tutorials

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The True Nature of Web Services
Category: SOAP and Web Services
Date: Sat, Jan 1, 2000
Four years ago, we all saw the rush to develop Web sites on the Internet. Today, we will witness the rush to set up Web Services over the Internet.
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Creating an e-mail Web Service using Visual Studio.NET
Category: .NET
Date: Sat, Jan 1, 2000
This short article will help you build a Web service using Visual Studio.NET.
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The Web Services Value Chain
Category: SOAP and Web Services
Date: Sat, Jan 1, 2000
This article is written to help you understand the different layers that make up the value chain of Web Services. For each layer or set of layers there are a number of players that can be identified, each of whom focuses on one level in particular (back-office level or application level).
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Introduction to BXXP
Category: General
Date: Fri, Jan 1, 1999
BXXP stands for Blocks eXtensible eXchange Protocol, but pronounced as BEEP. BXXP specification was drafted by the man who helped draft SMTP, POP3 & SNMP - Dr. Marshall Rose [CTO and co-founder Invisible Worlds].
BXXP is a generic application protocol framework for connection-oriented, asynchronous request/response interactions based Internet applications. In other words, BXXP is a general purpose framework for creating Internet application protocols that serve as an alternative to aging HTTP used for Web browsing. Think of BXXP as HTTP on steroids...BXXP won't replace HTTP for everything, but it can be used when new applications protocols are developed.
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