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Web Services Servers and Tools Directory

Vendor   Name   Techno.   Platforms   Solution Type   Pricing   Comments  
Apache   Apache SOAP   Java   Java-enabled platforms   Framework   Open Source License   Apache SOAP is an implementation of the SOAP submission to W3C. It is based on the IBM SOAP4J implementation. This framework is very popular, and integrated by many vendors (e.g. SUN, within its iPlanet app server).  
BEA   WebLogic Server 6.1   J2EE   Windows NT/2000, Unix (all Java-enabled platforms)   Server   $10,000/CPU   BEA WebLogic Server can access and expose Web Services. Version 6.1 includes support for SOAP and WSDL.
It's interesting to note that BEA has teamed up with Bowstreet to better support Web Services. Having been slow to move on Web Services, BEA is now catching up, and selecting Bowstreet's product to assemble components built with Weblogic may help things along.
However, the two vendors suffer from some feature-overlap, and still have some work to do to achieve smooth integration.  
Bowstreet   Business Web Factory 4.0   Java   Windows NT/2000, Solaris (all Java-enabled platforms)   Server and IDE   Contact Vendor   Business Web Factory is a complete solution to deliver profile-based and customized Web applications. An early adopter of the Web Service concept, Bowstreet now follows related standards, and provides a solution that makes it easier to assemble Web Service-ready applications.
Check out our product review.  
Cape Clear   Cape Connect 2.0   J2EE   Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX   Framework and Server   $10,000/CPU   CapeConnect can be used as a framework with BEA Weblogic Application Server. It also comes with its own J2EE application server (formerly called Orcas).
CapeConnect includes graphical tools to generate WSDL and map Java objects as Web Services.  
Cape Clear   Cape Studio 1.0   Java/Visual Basic   Windows NT/2000   IDE   $300/user   CapeClear is a RAD tool for speeding up use of Web Services. Using WSDL files, the CapeStudio IDE generates client code (Java or VB) for Web Service calls, without having to manually write the code.  
HP Bluestone   Total-e-Server 7.3   J2EE   Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, OS/390/400 + any OS with JVM   Server   Starts at $25,000   HP has unveiled its strategy through its e-Speak Web Services platform. The Total-e-Server 7.3 app server is the core component.
It now supports SOAP through an HP-created SOAP server that enables Java applications to be exposed as Web Services. It features both client and server-side capabilities and runs as a servlet within Total-e-Server.  
IBM   Websphere Application Server 4.0   J2EE   Windows NT/2000, AIX (all Java-enabled platforms)   Server   $8K (single server)
$12K (multi-server)  
The new release of IBM's app server is enhanced with new versions (4.0) of development tools:
WebSphere Studio Workbench (free), VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Studio.
Being actively involved in Web Service- related standards (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI), IBM is rolling out a complete suite for building e-business applications, and embedding and using Web Services.  
IBM   WebSphere Studio Workbench 4.0         Free    
IBM   WebSphere Studio 4.0   J2EE     IDE   $599 Prof. Ed.
$1,999 Adv. Ed.  
IBM   VisualAge for Java 4.0   J2EE     IDE   $149 Prof Ed.
$2,999 Ent. Ed.  
IBM claims tight integration between the different Integrated Development Environments. We will check on this.  
JBoss Group   JBoss ZOAP   J2EE   Any JDK 1.1 or above   Framework   Open Source Licence   ZOAP is the SOAP add-on to the Open Source JBoss Java Application. Still in its infancy, interesting to keep an eye on, but doesn't look like being a very active project.  
Lucin   SAL Server   COM   Windows NT/2000   Server   Contact Vendor   SAL Server is a product designed to SOAP-enable any COM component created in VB, C++ or Delphi.
Lucin have also developed a Web Services Search Engine: SALCentral  
Microsoft   Biztalk Server 2000   COM   Windows 2000   Server and IDE   From $5,000 to
Biztalk Server 2000 is not dedicated to Web Services, it's current support of SOAP is limited. However, this product provides a great solution for automated B2B exchanges, using XML and various other formats.
Check our product profile for more details.  
Microsoft   Visual Studio .NET Beta 1   MS .NET   Windows 2000   IDE   TBD    
Microsoft   MS SOAP Toolkit 2.0   COM   Windows 98/NT/2000   Framework   Free   The MS SOAP Toolkit is one step ahead of the Visual Studio .NET Beta 1. It supports WSDL, though VS.NET still uses the MS proprietary SDL format.  
SilverStream   SilverStream eXtend   J2EE   J2EE App Server
(SilverStream, WebSphere, WebLogic)  
Server and IDE   Contact Vendor   SilverStream eXtend Server is a complete XML factory including many connectors to various sources (EJBs, flat files, legacy sytems...). eXtend Workbench is an IDE that will facilitate wrapping of existing components and creation of new ones.
eXtend is based on the J2EE Silverstream app server, but is also designed to work on WebLogic and WebSphere.  
SQL Data System   SOAP Server 3.0   Various languages (C++) except Java classes   Windows NT/2000   Server   $7,975/site   SQL Data SOAP Server makes it possible to SOAP-enable many existing source codes.
SQL Data also developed a SOAP Client test tool which could be helpful when developing Web Services.  
iPlanet Application Server 6.0  
J2EE   Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX   Server   $20,000/CPU   SUN's strategy regarding Web Services is based on the huge portfolio of available products. One of the key solutions is the iPlanet app server.
Although iPlanet Application Server (check out TechMetrix Product Review) does not ship with any built-in SOAP implementation, complete instructions are provided for integrating Apache SOAP with the application server.  
The Mind Electric   Glue beta 3.0   Java   Java-enabled platforms   Server/Framework   TBD. See licensing   The vendor announces that GLUE is a 100% Java server and framework that includes a micro-web server, servlet engine, SOAP processor, XML parser, dynamic WSDL generator, UDDI client, UDDI server, WAP support, and XML persistent storage system.
GLUE ships as a single 360K JAR file. This solution looks interesting for those who want to embed a full-feature Web Services server in their applications.  

Other useful resources:

XMethods: extensive list of ready to use SOAP Services.  
UDDI: Find a service - Register  
SALCentral: extensive list of ready to use SOAP Services.  

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