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Sample Chapters from Addison-Wesley Books

Addison-Wesley is pleased to bring to you sample chapters from books published by Addison-Wesley. Published here with the kind permission of Addison-Wesley.

About Addison-Wesley
Addison-Wesley is a division of Pearson Education, a Pearson plc company.

At its core, Pearson is about education and enlightenment. Pearson is an international media company with market leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing. For the past four years, Pearson have been honing their strategy and simplifying it into a club of complementary businesses.

Pearson Education is the world's leading learning company. Our textbooks, online learning tools and testing and assessment programmes help to educate more than 100 million people worldwide.

The Penguin Group publishes an unrivalled range of fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers and classics, children's and reference works for audiences in over 100 countries.

The Financial Times and its network of business and financial newspapers and online services informs the daily decisions of more than 4 million business people and investors worldwide.

Individually, these businesses lead their markets, and with each other they share assets and values and a consistent way of doing things.

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Here is the list of books from which the sample chapters are available on

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Author: Michael Rawlins

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