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XSLT Books I am using at work: A list by Andreas Guther, Software Developer

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XSLT and XPath On The Edge, Unlimited Edition
by Jeni Tennison "THIS CHAPTER LOOKS AT how to manipulate number in various ways, in particular how to transform them from one numbering style into another..." (more)
SIPs: group level output, extension element prefixes, sibling transaction, main stylesheet, disabling output escaping (more)

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Edition: Paperback

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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, along with the XML Path Language, give you the power to transform XML documents into HTML documents, or to other XML documents that you can use in Web-based applications. But how do you implement XSLT in the real world? This book provides the answers. Covering everything from reformatting numbers to creating dynamic XSLT applications, XSLT expert Jeni Tennison delivers a wealth of ready-to-use utility templates and practical XSLT solutions -- everything you need to jump-start XSLT development. With XSLT and XPath on the Edge, Unlimited Edition, you'll:
  • Take advantage of utility templates for searching and replacing strings, calculating minimums, and more
  • Build your own recursive templates or use simple XPaths
  • Discover ready-made solutions for filtering, numbering, grouping, and other transformations
  • Understand the building blocks of XSLT applications
  • Separate style from format and break up your stylesheet into functional modules that are easier to maintain and reuse
  • Build dynamic applications that use client-side processing with MSXML or server-side processing with Cocoon
  • Fine-tune stylesheets to work more efficiently and deliver exactly the output you're looking for
  • Harness the power of the XSLT extensions available with MSXML, Saxon, and Xalan
With this Unlimited Edition, owners of the book can download all-new content from the Web and access a searchable version of the book online.

Book Info
Covering everything from reformatting numbers to creating dynamic XSLT applications, XSLT expert Jeni Tennison delivers a wealth of ready to use utility templated and practical XSLT solutions. Softcover.

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Product Details
  • Paperback: 648 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley; Unlimited edition (October 1, 2001)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0764547763
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.4 x 1.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds. (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Average Customer Review: based on 3 reviews.
  • Amazon.com Sales Rank: #207,082 in Books
  • (Publishers and authors: improve your sales)

      Inside This Book (learn more)
      First Sentence:
      THIS CHAPTER LOOKS AT how to manipulate number in various ways, in particular how to transform them from one numbering style into another. Read the first page
      Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs): (learn more)
      group level output, extension element prefixes, sibling transaction, main stylesheet, disabling output escaping, source node tree, bank statement application, context node list, same import precedence, thin solid red, month group level, following sibling section, literal result elements, hierarchical grouping method, combining stylesheets, node set parameters, current node list, type group level, importing stylesheets, output escaping disabled, cdata section elements, your own extension functions, node set expression, same stylesheet, styl esheet element
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      Customer Reviews
      Average Customer Review:
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      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

      Excellent Reference Book, August 30, 2004
      Reviewer: C. A. Sines "coreman76" (Columbus, Ohio United States) - See all my reviews
      (REAL NAME)  
      If you are looking for a book on dealing with real world XSLT scenarios and organized accordingly by scenario. This is the book for you. Jeni (Author) is by far one of the leading XSLT experts out there. It is rare you find someone that can explain complex topics in a manor that is both concise and readable. Buy this book and it will stay with you through any project you are using XSLT on.

      Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo (Report this)

      17 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

      great help for practical tasks, November 29, 2001
      Reviewer: Alex Novokolsky (San Diego, CA United States) - See all my reviews
      This book does not teach you the concepts of XSLT. Rather, it truly delivers on a promise of providing answers to common problems. While often books use code to only illustrate the concepts explained, "XSLT and XPath On The Edge" has tons of real world code, some of which I was able to use straight from the book(without changing a thing).
      I believe this book really helps to bridge the gap between just understanding the basics of XSLT and using it for real life, practical applications.

      Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo (Report this)

      29 of 32 people found the following review helpful:

      A book for when u need to do something....., November 1, 2001
      Reviewer: James Fuller (London, na United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
      my first impressions are

      a) this book sits right next to Michael Kay's book, as it is a great
      reference to when u have specific problems i.e. ' How do i format dates ? '
      and ' How do i group ' and 'How do i use keys'.

      b) the level of examples and techniques is a step above introductory.

      c) the latter half of the book delves into framework issues; modular
      components, extending XSLT, functional modules, and

      numeric manipulation
      string and text manipulation

      general formatting
      character encoding and entities
      the above subjects are all detailed in a concise manner, perfect for

      the following subjects are an indepth read;

      framework: quite a large amt of discussion of how to break apart into
      reusable elements

      client side msxml: this will get the novice going

      server side proc with cocoon: this will get the novice going

      overview of XPATH: very detailed overview of more medium level techniques

      using extensions : the clearest illustration and techniques of extending
      xslt that i've read

      overall i can highly recc.

      cheers, jim fuller

      Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo (Report this)


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