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The Coriolis Group

XML Black Book 2e

XHTML Black Book brings to you chapters from following books published by External linkThe Coriolis Group. Reproduced with kind permission of The Coriolis Group.
The Coriolis Group

The Coriolis Group, LLC (http://www.coriolis.comExternal link), is a leading e-learning company and IT industry publisher. Coriolis' ExamCram.comExternal link is the premier Web destination and e-learning resource center for IT certification and training. Black Book technical reference series from Coriolis are the market leaders for educational materials targeting network, database and software developers, and system administrators. Coriolis learning systems cover more than 25 different technology fields and certification programs (Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, A+, Cisco, Java, Novell). Coriolis also publishes best-selling books for Web design, graphics and animation specialists, covering advanced features and applications of leading creative software programs.
XML Black Book
XML Black Book 2nd Edition
Natanya Pitts

The eagerly awaited second edition of the XML Black Book focuses on real-world implementations that include XML. It also covers the latest versions of the XML specification and related specifications such as XSL, CSS, XLink, XPath, and more. Written to improve your productivity and save you hours of research, this book covers topics from markup and DTD design, to the most popular XML-based applications and the latest software tools available for working with XML.

   Read Chapter 5: DTDs in XML from this book exclusively at
XHTML Black Book
XHTML Black Book
Steven Holzner

XHTML is a complete rewrite of HTML 4 in XML, the language you can use to structure data for the Web. Written by a master programmer, this in-depth book covers XHTML essentials including migrating from HTML 4 to XHTML, tags, using the W3C validation service, the skeleton, writing tools, XForms, using W3Cs tidy tool to rewrite HTML in XHTML, and more. Discusses both versions of XHTML--XHTML 1.0 and 1.1. Explains text and layout, images and rules, links and lists, tables, frames, multimedia, and cascading style sheets.

From the author: This book is designed to be the only book you'll need for Web development. It covers every aspect of XHTML in depth, and it covers everything else you'll need, such as JavaScript, Java, even Perl CGI programming. This is the book that allows you to leave the HTML-based books behind as you make the transition to XHTML--like the HTML-based books, this book covers all aspects of Web development, but now it's all based on XHTML. The XHTML Black Book covers all aspects of XHTML 1.0 and 1.1, and everything else you need to create Web pages that can send email, create and use cookies, redirect browsers, change themselves on the fly, react to the time of day, determine what browser the user has, open new browser windows, display dialog boxes, print themselves on the user's printer, support drag and drop, connect to databases on Web servers, animate text in the status bar, react to mouse movements--far more than there's space to list here. We'll create transparent, interlaced, and animated GIFs, multimedia presentations, Java applets, server-side and client-side image maps, CGI scripts that run on the server, XML documents, bind XML documents to databases, and nearly everything else you can do with a browser. You also get a true working knowledge of JavaScript so you can script your pages, Java so you can create applets, and Perl to create CGI scripts (unlike other books that gloss over those topics). This book is designed to be literally the new standard in Web development as XHTML supplants HTML. It lists not only what browsers and what versions of those browsers support every XHTML tag, but also lists that data for every *attribute* of every tag. Everything you need is here--from start to finish, I really believe the coverage here stands head and shoulders above the rest. Write and let me know if you want something added--edition after edition, I want to make sure this book stays at the absolute top of the field, the comprehensive one you'll turn to again and again.

   Read Chapter 15: XML and Extending XHTML from this book exclusively at
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