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Creating an ASP.NET Web Service and accessing it from the browser and VB.NET Windows application. View this example Visited: 21816 times Created on: 7/30/2001
Welcome to the first step-by-step example in this section!

In this example, we'll use Visual Studo.NET beta 2 and .NET Framework SDK Beta 2, to create a ASP.NET Web Serivce (coded using VB.NET) and then access it from a form-based VB.NET Windows application.

Note that these step-by-step examples wil not cover the concepts or the internal details of functioning, but simply practical examples illustrated with the help of screen shots.

I am running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with IIS 5.0 and SQL Server 2000 installed on this same machine. Hence in this example you'll notice that I am connecting to localhost Web and database server and for simplicity I'll use Windows NT Authentication for connecting to SQL Server 2000.

So, let's begin and create a ASP.NET Web Service and a VB.NET Windows client application accessing that Web Service.
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