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Question: I am behind a firewall and have to login through a proxy using MSXML. I only have access to MSXML 2.0 and MSXML 3.0 from VBA for Excel 97. How can I make this work?
Asked By: Stan
Viewed: 4121
Answer: If you are implementing client-to-server HTTP access using MSXML, you may use XMLHTTP class (which uses WinInet and hence will take the proxy settings from Internet Explorer settings).

If you are doing server-to-server HTTP communication, the best option would be to use MSXML 3.0 (or higher) and use ServerXMLHTTP (which uses WinHTTP, a HTTP protocol stack designed for server safe HTTP access). Remeber that ServerXMLHTTP is not available on all platforms (like on Windows 98 and Windows Me). For ServerXMLHTTP to work, you might have to use ProxyCfg utility.

Here is the text from the KB article FIX: "Access Denied" Error Loading Local XML File When ServerHTTPRequest Property Is True (Q291841)

To load an XML document from a server that is located behind a firewall, with the ServerHTTPRequest property set to True , you must first run the WinHTTP Proxy Configuration Utility (Proxycfg.exe). However, if the XML document is loaded from a server that is not behind a firewall, you should not need to first run Proxycfg.exe, even if you only use the proxycfg -d command.

Other supporting links:
Frequently Asked Questions about ServerXMLHTTP (Q290761)
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PRB: Users Are Prompted for Credentials When Using XMLHTTP or ServerXMLHTTP to Access Remote Pages (Q309436)
HOWTO: Submit Form Data by Using XMLHTTP or ServerXMLHTTP Object (Q290591)

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