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Question: I am using MSXML 4.0 DOM to save the loaded XML document into ADO Stream, but it is not working and I am getting an error "Object doesn't support this property or method" on the .save line. Here is my code:

Dim xDoc As Msxml2.DOMDocument40
Dim oStream As ADODB.Stream 'ADO 2.6
. . .
. . .
    Set oStream = New ADODB.Stream (oStream)
Asked By: Kurt
Viewed: 2648
Answer: First remove the parentheses around the oStream object when calling .save and then remember to set the stream Charset to "iso-8859-1". Here is the sample VB 6.0 code that you can try with MSXML 4.0 and ADO 2.6. Remember to set reference to both (MSXML 4.0 and ADO 2.6) type libraries.

    Dim ObjXMLDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
    Dim ObjStream As New ADODB.Stream
    ObjXMLDoc.async = False
    ObjXMLDoc.validateOnParse = False
    ObjXMLDoc.Load "c:\books.xml"
    ObjStream.Charset = "iso-8859-1" ObjStream
    ObjStream.Position = 0
    While Not ObjStream.EOS
        Debug.Print ObjStream.ReadText

See the following KB Article for details:

PRB: Error Occurs When You Open an ADO Recordset on an XML Stream (Q259555): When a recordset is saved to a file in an XML format, the data written to the file by the Microsoft Persistence Provider is in the UTF-8 encoding charset.

However, the default character set of an ADO Stream object is Unicode ( UTF-16 ) with byte order mark 0xFFFE . So, when the UTF-8 format file is loaded into the ADO stream, the internal buffer of the ADO stream contains the UTF-8 data but the data is prepended with 0xFFFE Unicode byte order marks. This causes the XML parser to fail, and the XML parser does not process the data when the ADO stream is used to open a recordset.

If the recordset is saved to a Stream in XML format, the data written to the stream is in Unicode encoding charset, that is, UTF-16 , which is the same as the default encoding used for an ADO stream.

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