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Microsoft XML Core Services

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Past Questions and Answers

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Question 68: I am loading a well-formed XML document inside a client-side script, and sometimes it fails with the error " -2146697209 - No data is available for the requested resource." (10/19/2002) (Viewed 3601 times)
Question 67: I am not able to use MSXML 4.0 on Windows 95. (10/19/2002) (Viewed 1213 times)
Question 66: I am using ServerXMLHTTP to access a Windows NT Authenticated Web site (with Anonymous access disabled), and am getting 401 - Access Denied error. (10/19/2002) (Viewed 2156 times)

Question 65: I am using MSXML DOM to process a local XML file, and want to do a very simple thing: Just rename particular node(s). I tried updating nodeName, but then realized that it is a read-only property; and I am not able to find any method to rename the node. Can you please help? (9/7/2002) (Viewed 4758 times)
Question 64: I am merging two dynamically created XML document files (sub.xml into main.xml), using appendChild method. But the method fails if the sub.xml (XML file being appended) contains some special European characters. (9/6/2002) (Viewed 10730 times)
Question 63: In many C++ examples, I have seen IXMLDOMDocument2Ptr being used, however I am not able to find it in the MSXML DLL that I have, and what's the benefit of using IXMLDOMDocument2Ptr instead of IXMLDOMDocument. (9/5/2002) (Viewed 4579 times)

Question 62: I am creating XML document using MSXML DOM, but when I save it I lose the formatting (indentation). How do I preseve the XML document formatting so that when the document is opened in let's say Notepad, it looks like a hierarchical tree instead of all the nodes on one single line? (9/5/2002) (Viewed 6313 times)
Question 61: I am using XMLHTTP from a client side script, and am setting the Referer HTTP header and it doesn't seem to work!

For security reasons, I need to verify the HTTP_REFERER in my ASP page to which the request is sent from the client side script using XMLHTTP, but it's not working. (8/29/2002) (Viewed 4093 times)
Question 60: I would like POST a binary data file from one server to the other. The way I am thinking is to Base64 encode the data using MSXML DOM and then POST using XMLHTTP to the remote server. Then on the remote server load the XML, decode base64 to binary and save it as a local file on the remote server. Can you please provide an ASP example of doing this? (8/27/2002) (Viewed 26223 times)
Question 59: Is it possible to implement SAX interfaces in Perl (using the Win32::OLE module? I would like to parse a very large XML document in a perl script and would like to use MSXML SAX via Win32::OLE. (8/27/2002) (Viewed 1612 times)
Question 58: I have a local XML document file that I would like to upload to a remote FTP site. Does any component inside MSXML support uploading (saving) a XML file to a FTP server? (8/26/2002) (Viewed 2014 times)
Question 57: In my ASP application, I am using DOM to load a very large XML file into the Application scope, and then read data from the object using selectSingleNode

----- global.asa -----
SUB Application_OnStart
    Set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument")

    xmlDoc.async = False

    Set Application("xmlDoc") = xmlDoc
    Set xmlDoc = Nothing
----- /global.asa -----

----- foo.asp -----
Set Node = Application("xmlDoc").selectSingleNode("//Connection/Name")
----- /foo.asp -----
So far the above code is working fine; I just would like to know if this is the right way and if it will work under high stress? Also, am I correct in using FreeThreadedDOMDocument instead of DOMDocument(8/18/2002) (Viewed 2120 times)

Question 56: I am loading a large XML document, and the load method always times out. How can I set the timeout setting while loading the XML document using DOM? (8/12/2002) (Viewed 2740 times)
Question 55: I have a VB application that uses MSXML 4.0. The application fails to work on the client machine unless I install the MSXML SDK, which I don't want to do. What I need to do to properly install MSXML 4.0 on the client machine so that my application can work? (8/12/2002) (Viewed 4082 times)
Question 54: I am trying to use the createNode method, but am not able to figure out how to assign multiple namespaces to an element/node?? (8/10/2002) (Viewed 2169 times)
Question 53: I am calling a Web service that is returning IXMLDOMNodeList. How do I get that into a DOMDocument40? (8/9/2002) (Viewed 3848 times)
Question 52: I am getting the error 80004002 What does this stand for and why is this error being raised? (8/5/2002) (Viewed 3621 times)
Question 51: I have an XML document that begins with a DTD declaration as follows:


Now if I load this document and execute selectSingleNode method it is failing. What's the use of DOCTYPE declaration and why am I getting this error. (8/2/2002) (Viewed 1292 times)

Question 50: Does MSXML 4.0 support MultiByte Character Set (MBCS). We would like to convert our MSXML Application to support Japanese Langugae. (8/1/2002) (Viewed 1452 times)
Question 49: I would like to include a PDF file as part of my XML document. I am using MSXML DOM, but am not able to figure out how would I include the PDF/DOC files (basically binary data) as part of my XML document (as a node value).

Updated:Thanks for posting the VB sample; however I was wondering if you could show some ASP code example? (7/30/2002) (Viewed 13536 times)

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