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Past Questions and Answers

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Question 43: Do I need to have Internet Explorer installed to use MSXML 4.0? I'm developing a component that uses MSXML. This component will be installed in a NT embedded machine without Internet Explorer. Previous versions of MSXML needed IE to be installed. Do I need to have IE installed if I use MSXML 4.0? (6/20/2002) (Viewed 1711 times)
Question 42: I have a client side script that uses MSXML. The code works in IE 6.0, but fails on IE 5.5 when the appendChild method is called. I get an error "The parameter is incorrect".
 (6/19/2002) (Viewed 2114 times)
Question 41: My understanding is that in order to access data over HTTP using MSXML, if it is client-to-server access we should use XMLHTTP and if it is server-to-server access then we should use ServerXMLHTTP. I am creating a Visual Basic client app that needs to access few Web sites over HTTP, and I am using XMLHTTP to do this. However response from some sites is very slow and I need to set the TimeOut value. I think ServerXMLHTTP has few options to set timeout, etc. but I am not able to find anything on how to set TimeOut using XMLHTTP(6/14/2002) (Viewed 12317 times)

Question 40: I am getting "Permission Denied" error message when sending a HTTP request using MSXML. (6/12/2002) (Viewed 2894 times)
Question 39: When I use MSXML 3.0 ServerXMLHTTP object, the IIS hangs, any ideas what's going on? (6/12/2002) (Viewed 1640 times)
Question 38: I am using MSXML 4.0 DOM to save the loaded XML document into ADO Stream, but it is not working and I am getting an error "Object doesn't support this property or method" on the .save line. Here is my code:

Dim xDoc As Msxml2.DOMDocument40
Dim oStream As ADODB.Stream 'ADO 2.6
. . .
. . .
    Set oStream = New ADODB.Stream (oStream)
 (6/12/2002) (Viewed 2647 times)

Question 37: I am getting the error "The parameter is incorrect" when using MSXML. (6/12/2002) (Viewed 3478 times)
Question 36: I am using your NewsNArticles Web service to call GetNewsNArticles Web method and here is the XSLT file that I have written to transform the returned XML into HTML. I use MSXML 4.0 DOM in an ASP page to call the Web service method and to apply the stylesheet. The Description tag in the Web service returned XML contains &lt;BR&gt; characters; How do I disable the escaping so that the transformed HTML contains the <BR> tag instead of the escaped less than and greater than characters? (6/12/2002) (Viewed 1190 times)
Question 35: I am getting the error
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)
Object required
on line 5 in the following code
1       set xmlDoc = server.createobject ("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0")
2       xmlDoc.async = False
3       xmlDoc.load "http://kenneth/681/user.xml"
4       set xmlRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement
5       for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes
. I am sure the XML file exist and able to browse to it directly. Still am getting the error, can you please help? (6/1/2002) (Viewed 1862 times)
Question 34: Is MSXML 4.0 supported on Windows 95? (5/29/2002) (Viewed 1222 times)
Question 33: I have an XML document that contains floating point numbers. Using XDR I am able to get the locale-specific values using the nodeTypedValue property, but the same thing does not work with XSD. For instance, let's say I went into Control-panel, Regional Settings, Numbers tab and changed the decimal symbol from . (period) to ,(comma). Now consider the following XML:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<n:Employee xmlns:n="x-schema:xdr.xml">
And here is the xdr.xml that the above XML document refers to:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Schema xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-data"
        <ElementType name="Salary" dt:type="float" />
        <ElementType name="Employee" >
                <element type="Salary" />
Now the following Visual Basic code correctly returns 3456,34 (note the comma).
Dim ObjXMLDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
ObjXMLDoc.async = False

If ObjXMLDoc.Load("c:\a.xml") Then
    ObjXMLDoc.setProperty "SelectionNamespaces", "xmlns:n='x-schema:xdr.xml'"
    Debug.Print ObjXMLDoc.selectSingleNode("//n:Salary").nodeTypedValue
    Debug.Print ObjXMLDoc.parseError.reason
End If

I would like to replace the XDR with XSD, but am not sure how the XSD should look like so that I'll get the same locale-specific values when I use the nodeTypedValue in my VB code. Can you please help? (5/27/2002) (Viewed 1304 times)
Question 32: I want to create a DOCTYPE element. Any suggestions? (5/27/2002) (Viewed 2158 times)

Question 31: In IE 5.0, I'm getting the following error:

Attribute 'xmlns:lnclx' must be a #FIXED attribute. Line 7, Position 4 
The DTD referenced in the loaded document appears to be correct. The attribute 'xmlns:lncls' should be #IMPLIED. Why does IE 5.0 complain about implied attributes? (5/24/2002) (Viewed 1903 times)
Question 30: How can I use SAX to parse streamed XML document from a URL? (5/21/2002) (Viewed 1093 times)
Question 29: loadXML fails while loading an XML document string that contains special characters. (5/21/2002) (Viewed 2235 times)
Question 28: I am using MSXML version 4.10.9404.0 to load a XML document (which has several unicode entities), and just save the same document, the output has the actual characters itself, instead of the unicode entities. I want the unicode entities to be retained as it is. Is there any solution to solve this? (5/12/2002) (Viewed 1843 times)
Question 27: I'm using IXMLHttpRequest and in an application and i want it to go through proxy server.How can i achieve it.This is a windows application which exposes some controls to set the proxy by the user. (5/12/2002) (Viewed 2259 times)
Question 26: How can I get a processing instruction from a XML document (Msxml2.DOMDocument). I need to get the 'encoding' of the original document. (5/12/2002) (Viewed 1378 times)

Question 25: I have a MFC server application built in visual C++ 6.0. I would like to add XML feature by using msxml2.serverxmlhttp and msxml2.domdocument.3.0. The XML function will be to post a XML message to a remote server and to receive a XML stream. It should be run in a thread. Is it feasible? If so, could you please provide me a sample code or some refereces? (5/11/2002) (Viewed 1363 times)
Question 24: We are planning to use XML in our multiuser, intranet application where clients constantly open, read and change the data. Can we use XML in a multiuser environment?

Can we simultaneously edit the xml file from two different workstations and can both the edits be saved into the same xml file without any data loss?

Can we read a particular node from an xml file, lock it and change the data and save back to the xml file?(similar to record wise locking and page locking in databases)

Please suggest. (5/11/2002) (Viewed 1480 times)

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