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Microsoft XML Core Services

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Past Questions and Answers

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Question 18: I am behind a firewall and have to login through a proxy using MSXML. I only have access to MSXML 2.0 and MSXML 3.0 from VBA for Excel 97. How can I make this work? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 4119 times)
Question 17: What version of MSXML does Internet Explorer 6.0 ship with? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1219 times)
Question 16: How do I check which version of MSXML is installed on a computer? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 8420 times)

Question 15: Is it possible to use MSXML for developing applications for Pocket PC (Windows CE, Visual Embedded)? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1834 times)
Question 14: I am using MSXML 4.0 in an ASP page to create an XMLDOMDocument based on the posted form data. I need to validate the created XML document against an .xsd schema file on the server. (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1491 times)
Question 13: I am loading an XML document from a remote server, when I try to save this document, I get the msxml4.dll error '80070057' The parameter is incorrect. error. (5/3/2002) (Viewed 2923 times)

Question 12: Q: What is the difference between DOM-based parser and SAX-based parser? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1753 times)
Question 11: I am using MSXML 4.0 HTTP Access functionality (IServerXMLHTTPRequest). How do I specify the timeout settings? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 4367 times)
Question 10: I am currently using MSXML 3.0, how safe is it to shift to MSXML 4.0? What advantage do I get if I shift to MSXML 4.0? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1321 times)
Question 9: I would like to know how to post XML data from Visual Basic COM code to the ASP page. The XML data may contain international characters. (5/3/2002) (Viewed 3737 times)
Question 8: I would like to know how to save ADO Recordset as an XML document, then use MSXML 4.0 DOM to load it, process it and finally save it to the disk. (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1222 times)
Question 7: Is it possible to create XML documents using MSXML 4.0 SAX 2.0 implementation. (5/3/2002) (Viewed 2777 times)

Question 6: How do I use MSXML 4.0 to create PDF files from XML? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1518 times)
Question 5: I am getting "The paramater is incorrect" while trying to apply the XSLT?
Here is the line which raises error:
xslTemplate.stylesheet = xslDoc
 (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1070 times)
Question 4: How do I find out the size (in bytes) for the XML document being parsed? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1221 times)
Question 3: I have an HTML page containing XML Data Island, and I would like apply an external XSL Transformation on this XML Data Island. How do I apply an external XSL file on the data island XML? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1134 times)
Question 2: I would like to create a XML document containing Unicode (UTF-16) data, in Visual Basic 6.0. Can you please provide an example of how to do this? (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1463 times)
Question 1: I am using MSXML 3.0 in Visual Basic to load the XML document and select a node based on XPath expression. However, as the attribute value contains a single quote, I am stuck as to how the XPath expression should look like. Can you please help?

Consider the following XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <users  FirstName="Roberts" LastName="Tim" UserName="tim'roberts" Password="123" />
        <users  FirstName="Gerry" LastName="Richard" UserName="timroberts" Password="123" /> 
 (5/3/2002) (Viewed 1476 times)

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