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Microsoft XML Core Services


XML Application Development with MSXML 4.0 (Wrox Press)
XML Application Development with MSXML 4.0
MSXML (Microsoft XML Core Services) version 4.0 is a free, feature-rich server component for all types of XML processing, including XML, XSLT, and Schemas. It has comprehensive support for W3C and other major specifications, as well as many proprietary enhancements. This makes MSXML 4.0 a useful and robust tool that can be used as the processing engine behind a wide range of XML-based applications.

This book is arranged in three parts. The first is a reference to the support for XML standards and proprietary extensions within MSXML. The next section shows how to achieve typical application functionality, using the supported technologies in a practical context. The last section contains several case studies that demonstrate bringing together the individual tasks into complete applications.

This book is for developers who are already familiar with XML. It will teach you how to make the most of MSXML's comprehensive feature-set to create powerful applications. If you are responsible for developing professional XML-based solutions on a Windows platform, this book is for you.
Read following chapters from this book:
Chapter 1: Introduction to MSXML
Chapter 9: Sending and Retrieving XML Data
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Advanced Data Mining Techniques using Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, XML, MSHTML and MSXML
Advanced Data Mining Techniques using Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, XML, MSHTML and MSXML (e-book)
The World Wide Web is a loosely coupled data store that could be used as a central repository if only the data on each website were stored in accordance with some common semantics. However, it is possible to mine the data from diverse websites and introduce semantics to it. The possibilities for data mining from a huge collection of html documents across websites express a vast, rich range of information. Unfortunately this information is usually encoded in a format that is difficult to decipher and extract. The plan behind this article is to explore a semi-automated data mining system called Crawler that can be used to create and maintain web based content through interactive mining operations in a hierarchical arrangement. Firstly an overview is presented, both from business and technological viewpoints and it describes the exciting possibilities that this approach offers. And then, a prototype is shown of an Online Comparison Shopping Store that may, some day, sell anything in the world!
XML Schema in MSXML 4.0 and .NET (e-book)

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