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Sample Chapters from No Starch Press Books

No Starch Press is pleased to bring to you sample chapters from books published by No Starch Press. Published here with the kind permission of No Starch Press.

About No Starch Press
San Francisco based No Starch Press, Inc., publisher of such best-selling titles as Steal This Computer Book 2, The Book of JavaScript, and The Linux Cookbook, is an independent publishing company committed to producing readable, information-packed computer books that make a difference. No Starch Press primarily focuses on Open Source, Web development, computer security, programming tools, and alternative operating systems. No Starch Press authors are highly regarded experts who have the rare ability to write about complex topics clearly and concisely. As a result, No Starch books share a no-nonsense manner that both educates and entertains.

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Here is the list of books from which the sample chapters are available on
The Book of Visual Studio .NET by Robert B. Dunaway
The complete guide to developing applications with Visual Studio .NET.

ISBN: 1886411697
Published: September 2002
Pages: 450
Read Chapter 10: Web Services from this book.
This book surveys each .NET server and related technologies, with a focus on Visual Studio .NET. Hands-on examples cover building forms, data retrieval, moving to COM+, and implementing web services. Other key issues and solutions include upgrading from Visual Basic, source control services, and remoting.

Chapter 10 from The Book of Visual Studio .NET (ISBN 1886411697) by Robert Dunaway appears courtesy of No Starch Press. Available in fine bookstores everywhere or call 800-420-7240 or visit Copyright © 2001 by Robert Dunaway.

Buy this book now!The Book of SAX: The Simple API for XML
By: W. Scott Means and Michael A. Bodie

The Book of SAX includes everything XML and Java developers need to write SAX applications. Specific examples show how to use SAX to solve XML parsing problems that are impractical to address with tree-based technologies-including real-time parsing, very large documents, and high-performance applications. The authors guide readers through the development of picoSAX, a functioning SAX 2.0 XML parser.

ISBN: 1886411778
   Buy this book now!

Read the Book Review
Read Chapter 2: A Complete SAX Application from this book

Buy this book now!The Book of VB .NET: .NET Insight for VB Developers
Author: Matthew MacDonald

Built on the Microsoft .NET framework, Visual Basic .NET allows programmers to create everything from full-featured Internet applications to sophisticated Windows programs with the latest eye-catching interfaces. This comprehensive guide is organized into a series of lightning tours and real-world examples, covering web development, XML, databases, and user interface design. Each chapter begins with an overview of changes from Visual Basic 6. The book also includes extra code examples, references to additional online material, and helpful tips about planning, design, and architecture.

Read Chapter 13: Web Services from this book.

ISBN: 1886411824
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