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Welcome to
PerfectXML Web site is designed to help you learn XML technologies and use them in your applications. We endeavor to provide the best collection of information on all things XML.
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SQL Server, XML, and the DBA (Monday, Nov 25, 2002)
Read chapter 1 from the book SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled. This chapter provides you with an overview of where the need for XML as a data format comes from, and its main uses from a DBA's viewpoint, so that you can best decide how to implement an XML solution that's right for you.

Product Review: Visual XSLT (Monday, Nov 11, 2002)
Having the right tools in the developer toolbox increases the productivity and accelerates the implementation cycle. If you are already using or planning to use XPath/XSLT in your applications, one tool we would recommend is Visual XSLT by ActiveState. Visual XSLT is designed to help you create/edit, debug, and manage XSLT transformation projects. It integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the industry standard IDE.

Web Services and Enterprise Computing (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
Web services can improve corporate-software development by reducing the time and expense involved in developing a software application. Instead of designing software “from scratch,” programmers use registries to locate existing Web services, then incorporate those services into applications. However, Web services are not ideal for every software-development project. Web services security and QoS protocols are not fully developed, and Web services are not recommended for systems that handle a large number of transactions. Companies should implement Web services slowly, beginning with internal integration projects or services shared among a limited number of trusted partners.

Java API for XML- Based Remote Procedure Calls (JAX-RPC) (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
JAX-RPC provides a generic mechanism that enables developers to create Web services by using XML-based remote procedure calls. The JAX-RPC specification defines a mapping of Java types (e.g., int, String and classes that adhere to the JavaBean design pattern) to WSDL definitions. When a client locates a service in an XML registry, the client retrieves the WSDL definition to get the service-interface definition. To access the service using Java, the client must transform the WSDL definitions to Java types. The JAX-RPC client and service runtime environments send and process the remote method call and response, respectively.

XML & ASP.NET (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
XML features are no longer an optional add-on for ASP applications. XML is woven right into the fabric of .NET, and it powers key parts of ASP.NET technology. XML plays in every ASP.NET web application — whether you realize it or not.

The Basic Web Services Stack (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
The term Web Services defines a set of lightweight protocols and standards (SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI) that facilitate integration. Adding a thin layer on top of standard XML, SOAP provides a lightweight protocol for exchanging data, invoking applications remotely, and handling exceptions. SOAP does not provide the functionality itself, but instead provides a platform- and language-neutral way of forwarding an incoming request (frequently an HTTP request, although FTP and SMTP are also supported) to the appropriate method or function in an existing application and then returning the value to the requester. WSDL provides a way for service providers to advertise the list of operations they are willing to support. WSDL is quite verbose and is often generated by tools rather than being written by developers. UDDI provides a set of specifications for companies to use when registering their services.

Web Services: Building Blocks for Distributed Systems (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
Web services is one of the most exciting new developments in the field of computer science, and also one of the most misunderstood. Some people describe it as a technology designed strictly for publishing software services to the Internet, whereas others think of it as a general-purpose architecture that will trigger a fundamental shift in the way that all distributed systems are created. Web Services are a natural and logical evolution of distributed computing

Creating and Using Web Services in ASP.NET (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
Web Services are a new technology available to Web developers that was not available with ASP. Web Services provide a mechanism for you to create a code library, or service, that you make available to other developers who may be on the same computer as you, on a different server than you are, on a machine somewhere else in the world, on a totally different operating system, or all of the above.

Basics of using XML in the .NET Framework (Friday, Nov 08, 2002)
The .NET framework embraces XML and provides a number of classes to simplify XML loading, parsing, augmenting, and writing. XML excels at handling hierarchical data formats, but since managing a hierarchical tree is a challenging programming task, Microsoft has included full XML parsing capabilities within the framework.

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