also read the XBRL taxonomy for U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and the XML source document for the reports. NOTE The XML Financial Statement Viewer is an example of an ASP application that transforms XBRL-encoded data into HTML pages. The application uses Visual Basic and the XML DOM to generate the HTML with procedural code. This approach is similar to the OakLeaf CFR projects transformation of XML tables of contents and section text to XHTML, which is described in Chapter 9s Visual Basic .NET Code Behind the OpenTOC.aspx Page section. Microsoft is among the first publicly traded corporations to provide financial reports as XBRL documents. The Microsoft Investor Relations XBRL Information page at has links to XBRL press releases and FAQs. The XBRL Formatted Downloads section at the bottom of the page has links to XBRL 2.0 documents for the current fiscal years quarterly reports and the last annual report. Figure 12-7 shows a part of the reportthe elements that relate to determining Microsofts gross profit for the second quarter of fiscal year 2002. C  h  a  p  t  e  r 1  2  : I  n  t  e  r  o  p  e  r  a  t  i  n  g w  i  t  h T  h  i  r  d  -  P  a  r  t  y W  e  b S  e  r  v  i  c  e  s 4 4 5 AppDev TIGHT / Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services Developers Guide / Jennings / 222369-3 / Chapter 12 Figure 12-7 These elements of the XBRL 2.0 document for Microsofts 2002Q2 quarterly report have unformatted numerical values for computing gross profit.