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  • Understanding SOAP

    Understanding SOAP begins with a discussion of distributed object computing, reviewing the current technologies. It then discusses the realities that make distributed object computing so difficult. Given these realities, the book provides a case study of a current technology to show why it is so difficult to distribute objects and why a protocol, such as SOAP, is such an important topic. An in-depth example gives you a working scenario of what is involved with distributed object computing and SOAP. Finally, the book discusses the future of SOAP, to include language binding and system integration. This book provides you with an accelerated approach to understanding how XML applies to distributed systems, specifically using the SOAP protocol.
    Authors: Kennard Scribner, Mark C. Stiver, Kenn Scribner

    • Original Price: $39.99
    • $31.99
    • $24.50  
    • Barnes & Nobel: $31.99
    • $31.95

  • XML and SOAP Programming for BizTalk Servers

    With XML and SOAP Programming for BizTalk Servers, enterprise developers get the work-ready information and tools they need to help their organizations meet the challenge of doing business in 'Internet time'. Author Brian Travis-a highly regarded XML instructor and solutions developer-offers expert guidance for building real-world, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce applications using XML and BizTalk. This practical, code-rich book begins with an overview of XML in the B2B context, including coverage of XSL and industry schemas. Readers then dive into the BizTalk framework for application integration, stepping through the development of a working BizTalk server application. All the book's code is featured on CD-ROM so programmers can see what the syntax looks like and better comprehend the intricacies of implementing BizTalk solutions; the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Technical Preview helps expedite development of their own B2B applications. Case study discussions and a summary of references help round out the reader's understanding of technological and business considerations.
    Author: Brian E. Travis

    • Original Price: $49.99
    • $31.99
    • $27.25  
    • Barnes & Nobel: $39.99
    • $39.95


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