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Microsoft SOAP Toolkit

SOAP Resources



  • Installation instructions, code samples and little overview of Apache SOAP 2.0 implementation by Bhavin Parikh

  • Kenn and Mark's SOAP Page
    Here you can download code we developed for the book "Understanding SOAP".

  • Read [chapter 3 Distributed Objects and XML: The Road to SOAP] from book "Understanding SOAP"

  • XML-RPC to SOAP Translator from Developmentor

  • SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio 6 interoperability demo
    This page allows you to download a copy of the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio 6 interoperability demo presented at Microsoft's Tech Ed conference in Orlando, Florida. The demo bridges the SOAP Toolkit with IONA's Orbix 2000.

  • MSDN SOAP resource page

  • is dedicated to logging all news group entries regarding SOAP as part of the Userland initiative. Sign up to the mail list and you'll get SOAP news as it happens directly from Dave Winer, one of the founder of XMLRPC.




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