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  • Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0 Beta 1 now available for download.
    This is the first beta release of the Microsoft® Soap Toolkit version 3.0. The major features in this release are as follows:
    • Send and receive attachments.
    • "Generic Type Mapper" (GTM) is now provided.
    • SOAPVDIR.CMD script is installed in the MSSOAPBinaries folder.
    • WSDL and XML Schema "import" and "include" elements support.
    • "One way" message support.
    • Use the SoapInvokeEx method to pass a server object instance to the SoapServer object from an ASP page.
    • ElementFormDefault and form attributes are now correctly used when generating and parsing document/literal format SOAP messages.
    • Replace the built-in type mappers with a custom type mapper.
    • Source for the SOAP Messaging Object (SMO) framework classes is now installed with the SOAP Toolkit Samples.
    • IXMLDOMNodeList parameters can now contain attribute nodes.
    • WSDL Wizard now generates a "client"-side WSML file in addition to the "server"-side WSML.
    • WSDL Wizard now allows you to save settings in a configuration file—and restore those settings when you regenerate WSDL for a particular server object.

  • Download SOAP Toolkit 2.0 SP2

    This is the first maintenance release of the Soap Toolkit 2.0. There are no new features included in this release, but many bugs have been fixed, so it is recommend that everyone install it. This is a complete release; your previous release should be uninstalled before this one is installed.

  • SOAP::Lite for Perl {Paul Kulchenko}
    SOAP::Lite for Perl is a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) both on client and server side.

  • SOAP implementations { DevelopMentor}
    DownloadSOAP/Perl for Unix     DownloadSOAP/Perl for Win32     DownloadJava    
  • SOAP Service implementation for Windows NT/Win2K {White Mesa Software}
    Here is a demo SOAP for RPC implementation in the form of C++ classes for use in building client apps and a Win NT service as the server. This implemention was put together to demonstrate the use of SOAP to remotely invoke COM Automation servers. The SOAP service accepts HTTP POST requests formatted as SOAP 1.1 RPC requests. These can be originated by any client application, stand alone or browser based. The SOAP request is processed, the proper Automation object method invocation made, and the SOAP response message sent. A WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file is referenced by the server to obtain information about the SOAP service requested, such as the SOAPAction HTTP header value and parameter data typing. This file is also useful for the client if 'hard wiring' of SOAP service information is to be minimized. This server is essentially an HTTP server listening on the port of choice for incoming SOAP or ordinary GET requests. It is an conventional Winsock2 implementation, using IO completion ports and a thread pool to service incoming connections. It may prove useful for someone who doesn't want to use IIS for some reason.

  • PocketSOAP, a simple SOAP client with HTTP transport
    A simple SOAP client component with HTTP transport for the whole Windows family, it includes versions for Pocket PC, Windows 95, 98, WinMe, NT4.0 and Windows 2000. Designed for inter-op out of the box, it can call SOAP servers implemented with 4s4c, ROPE, Apache SOAP, SOAP::Lite, SOAP/Perl from DevelopMentor and the XMethods soap Server.
    Also see: External link4S4C aka Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM
    This is a COM component that will invoke methods on COM objects (via any automation compatible interface), from a SOAP request message, and return the results as a SOAP response message.
  • XML Link Products {Rogue Wave}
    Rogue Wave XML Link products are here! These visionary products allow you to quickly create and manage web-based services while leveraging investments in existing enterprise systems.

  • XML-RPC implementation for COM {Jan G.P. Sijm}
    The XML-RPC implementation for COM is an implementation of the XML-RPC remote procedure call mechanism based on XML. This implementation complies with the specifications published on the XML-RPC site. It implements an XML-RPC client that can be called from any COM compliant application and it implements an XML-RPC server that can be used to call objects running on a Microsoft Internet Information Server machine.

  • IdooXoap for Java, version 1.1 {}
    IdooXoap is a toolkit for communicating via SOAP. It primarily uses WSDL for service descriptions and is able to generate completely self-contained client stubs from such a description. With a WSDL description IdooXoap is even able to (de)serialize any linked graph. The improvements in 1.1 release include: WSDL support is better and more compatible with others, custom serialization, improved exception transport, custom exception serialization, improved Java2WSDL, and much improved interoperability.

  • WSDL Toolkit {IBM}
    The WSDL Toolkit is a set of tools that allow developers to generate client and server code from a WSDL document. A WSDL document describes the interface and deployment details of a Web service, that is, the interfaces and protocols supported by the service. Compliant server applications must support those interfaces, and client users can learn from the document how the service should be accessed.

  • C++ SOAP Library {Scott Seely}

  • SOAP for Python {pythonware}

  • Secure SOAP {George I Matkovits}

  • AXIS {Apache}
    Apache AXIS is an implementation of the SOAP.

  • Apache SOAP Downloads {Apache}

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