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home » software » Application to Application Products Mon, Aug 13, 2007
Application to Application Products

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
XMetaL  (SoftQuad Software, Ltd.)
Enabling XML content applications in e-commerce, e-publishing and Knowledge Management.

Microsoft Windows Commercial (evaluation version available) 7 9666
XML Authority  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The comprehensive development environment for the design, conversion, and management of schemas for XML.

Windows, Unix, Macintosh Commercial (evaluation version available) 5 8702
Total-e-Server  (Bluestone Software, Inc.)
Provides a proven, flexible, secure, highly scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure for all types of e-business activities including application development, deployment, integration, and management.

JDK (1.2.2. Or 1.3), Windows NT/2000, Sun Solaris, Linux, IBM AIX Commercial (evaluation version available) 6 8389
xmlBlaster  (
The publish/subscribe middleware server you have needed many times before, now available for free to glue together your distributed client/server application

Java Free for private,commercial,education use 4 6877
XMLSolutions Business Integration Platform  (XMLSolutions Corporation)
Connect inter-company data and systems with XMLSolutions Business Integration Platform - the universal interpreter for business information exchange.

4 6811
BizTalk Server 2000  (Microsoft Corporation)
Orchestrate Your Business. Easily integrate applications and processes across the Internet with BizTalk Server.

Microsoft Windows Commercial (120 day evaluation version available) 6 6794
webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite  (webMethods, Inc.)
Leverage a Complete and Effective Integration Software Package

Java (JDK 1.1.6 or higher - JVM 2.02 or higher) Commercial (evaluation version available) 5 6055
Karora AppConnector  (Karora Technologies, Inc)
Bringing Together Multiple Systems. Bringing Together Multiple Content Sources. We Bring IT Together.

Java 2 5996
4SuiteServer  (Fourthought, Inc.)
The Precise Tool for XML

Python Open source 5 5952
The neXus Enterprise Integration Platform  (Objective Edge Inc.)
Written entirely in the JAVA programming language, offers a suite of tools that enable end-users in today's global organization to drive Enterprise Application Integration ("EAI"), all without writing code.

Java Commercial 7 5932
The XML-Broker  (KaanBaan Technologies, Inc.)
An advanced e-commerce transaction server based on the increasingly popular XML markup language and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology.

Apache, WebSphere, ISS 6 5727
XML Junction  (Data Junction Corporation.)

Microsoft Windows Commercial (evaluation version available) 5 5725
Induslogic™ Xintegrate™  (Induslogic, Inc.)
Discover a fast, affordable way to take control of your integration challenges.

Commercial 2 5208
IBX  (Interbind, Inc.)
IBX employs a service-oriented, peer-to-peer architecture to connect to remote Web Services and to expose local resources as Web Services.

Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix Commercial (evaluation version available) 5 4916
Breeze XML Studio  (The Breeze Factor)
The Complete Data Binding Solution

Java Commercial (evaluation version available) 2 4830
The Shinka Integration Server  (Shinka AG,)
Provides an open, flexible and scalable platform for integrating IT systems, linking together new systems to existing deployments and to external third party applications. Now including support for Web Services enabling of existing applications.

Java edition, Busines edition, Enterprise edition Commercial 4 4699
XML Network Server (XNS)  (Planet 7 Technologies Corp.)
Create an XML software infrastructure that is easily updated and extended by adding XML applications.

Microsoft Windows or Linux Commercial (evaluation version available) 4 4454
HostBridge  (HostBridge Technology, Inc.)
A flexible, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that makes CICS applications usable in e-Business by converting application data to XML.

CICS Transaction Server Commercial 2 4426
PolarLake  (PolarLake)
The Enterprise XML Platform for Java

Java Evaluation version available 4 4410
Tamino X-Bridge, Tamino X-Node, Tamino X-Tension  (Software AG)
Tamino X-Bridge:The Power Link for Electronic Business Applications, Tamino X-Node:For Linking Relational Data Sources , Tamino X-Tension: For Easy Integration of Custom Applications

3 4384
SilverStream xCommerce  (SilverStream Software)
The eBusiness Integration Server Product

Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris 2.6 & 2.7 Commercial 2 4305
SonicMQ®  (Sonic Software Corporation.)
SonicMQ® offers a complete product line to meet the different messaging and connectivity needs of the enterprise, the Internet and e-business messaging.

Java Commercial 3 4287
XMLShark  (infoShark)
A software product for accomplishing distributed data exchange.

Java Commercial 2 3949
EntireX  (Software AG)
An integration software that has helped over 1000 customers around the world to meet the challenges of leveraging legacy systems for use in new e-business solutions.

Windows, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX,AIX, SCO UnixWare, Reliant UNIX, Linux, … Commercial 3 2593
The XA-Suite™  (XAware, Inc.)
Empowering XML-based Integration - The Suite consists of a scalable, dynamic XML Server, and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Microsoft Windows and Unix Commercial 0 2575
Business Process Manager (BPM)™  (eXcelon Corporation)
An XML-based business document rules engine that manages dynamic processes across the extended enterprise.

Java (Windows, Solaris) Commercial 1 2556
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