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home » software » DTD/Schema Editors and Tools Tue, Aug 14, 2007
DTD/Schema Editors and Tools

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
XML Spy  (Altova)
XML Spy supports both editing and schema-validation.

Microsoft Windows Commercial (evaluation version available) 2 6395
XML Authority V2.1  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The premier solution for the creation, conversion, and management of DTDs and XML schemas

Microsoft Windows, Unix, Java Commercial (Free download available) 1 5740
Turbo XML  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
A professional solution for developing and managing XML assets.

Microsoft Windows, Unix, Java Commercial (trial version available) 0 4987
Near & Far® Designer  (Open Text Corporation)
Web-based architecture for real-time performance

Microsoft Windows Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 3252
Envision XML™  (Popkin Software)
Harness the Power of XML for e-Business

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 2834
Omniopera  (Kamiak Corp)
Provides the most intuitive GUI available for authoring platform- and language-independent web service contracts (WSDL), and their data types (XML Schema).

Microsoft® Windows® Beta Download Available 0 2787
DTDChart  (Intelligent Systems Research)
Draws tree structure charts for XML DTDs

Microsoft Windows Shareware (Trial version available) 2 2654
DTD2RELAX  (MURATA Makoto & NANBA Ryosuke)
DTD2RELAX converts DTD schema into RELAX module

Java Free 0 2622
Oracle XML Schema Processor for C  (Oracle Corp.)
A companion component to the XML Parser for C that allows support to simple and complex datatypes into XML applications with Oracle8i.

C++ Free deployment and distribution 1 2583
LiveDTD  (Bob Stayton)
A Document Type Definition converted into a hypertext document.

Perl Free 1 2508
XBuilder  (DPS Technologies)
With its elegant GUI Interfaces and excellent underlying services, attempts to cater to the growing need of the Users for an ideal XML Schema Development Interface.

Microsoft Windows Commercial (Trial Version Available) 1 2403
XML Schema Quality Checker  (IBM)
XML Schema Quality Checker is a program which takes as input an XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language and diagnoses improper uses of the schema language.

Java Contact Vendor 0 2242
XsdDoc  (Bluetetra Software)
XsdDoc 1.0 is a documentation tool that automatically generates detailed reports from XML Schema definitions. XsdDoc transforms plain XML files into cross-referenced and hyperlinked HTML documents for easy website publication and collaboration among developers.

Java Commercial - Trial version available 0 2216
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