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home » software » SOAP Toolkits Mon, Aug 13, 2007
SOAP Toolkits

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
SOAP::Lite  (Paul Kulchenko)
The Power Of Simplicity: SOAP::Lite for Perl is a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) both on client and server side.

Unix, Win32 Free 0 6517
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0  (Microsoft Corporation)

Microsoft Windows Free 1 6208
IdooXoap for Java and C++  (Zvon)

Free 2 5094
IBM Web Services Toolkit  (IBM AlphaWorks)
IBM Web Services Toolkit is a runtime environment as well as demo/examples to design and execute web-service applications to find one another and collaborate in business transactions without programming requirements or human intervention.

Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Free 2 3061
pocketSOAP  (Simon Fell)
This is a SOAP client COM component for the Windows family, originally targeted at PocketPC (hence the name), there is also a Wintel version that works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000.

Microsoft Windows Free 0 2843
AXIS  (The Apache Software Foundation)
An implementation of the SOAP.

2 2622
CapeConnect  (Cape Clear Software)
Creates software that powers the business Internet, help companies open up their business functions to the Web, enabling them to set up complex peer-to-peer interactions with other companies.

Microsoft Windows, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and Red Hat Linux Commercial, Trial version available for download 2 2575
GLUE  (The Mind Electric)
GLUETM is a new platform that simplifies and unifies traditional distributed computing with the emerging world of web services.

Java 2 2574
the White Mesa SOAP for RPC implementation in the form of C++ classes for use in building client apps and a Win NT service as the server.

0 2383
4s4c  (Simon Fell)
Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM

1 2364
Visual Studio.NET  (Microsoft Corp.)
With Visual Studio.NET, developers can build Web applications and Web Services that render in any browser and on virtually any device.

Microsoft Windows Beta 1 2350
Wingfoot SOAP  (Wingfoot Software)
A lightweight client implementation of SOAP 1.1 for J2ME (CLDC and CDC) and J2SE.

Java Download available 1 2193
Persian  (Rogue Wave Software, Inc.)
A WSDL Schema to C++ client stub and server skeleton generator, Persian generates C++ objects for Web Services.

C++ Technology Preview 0 2011
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