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home » software » Conversion Tools Mon, Aug 13, 2007
Conversion Tools

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
Highwire  (CORDA Technologies Inc.)
Conversion of HTML to PDF, using well-formed HTML

Unix, Windows or Linux server Commercial (eval version available for download) 2 10181
Majix  (TetraSix)
Word to XML converter

Microsoft Windows, Java Free 3 7966
GoXML™ Transform  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation Suite of Products: a transformation engine for dynamic exchange of XML, EDI and other data formats.

Linux 2.2, Solaris 8, Windows 2000/NT Commercial (Evaluation version available) 0 5771
DB/XML Transform  (DataMirror Corporation)
Provides a powerful engine for bi-directional data transformation between XML, database and text formats.

Java Commercial 1 5538
The easy way to translate HTML to XML.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME Commercial, Trial version download available. 3 4924
iMAKER  (Infoteria Corporation)
The XML adapter for Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Windows Commercial, Trial version available 3 4851
DB2XML  (Volker Turau)
Transforming relational databases into XML documents

Java Free 0 3993
Arbortext Epic  (Arbortext)
XML-based Editing, Conversion and Publishing

Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, Compaq Tru64 Unix Commercial 1 3843

Microsoft Windows Download available 1 3787
Outside In® XML Export  (IntraNet Solutions)
Converts over 225 business file types into XML

Java Commercial 0 3699
xmltex  (David Carlisle)
xmltex is a system for typesetting XML files with TeX.

TeX Free 3 3468
Logictran RTF Converter  (Logictran)
Converts Word and RTF documents to HTML, XML, SGML, or Microsoft Lit format. The converter allows you to create output for any DTD.

Windows 95 and Windows NT, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, FreeBSD Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 3362
XML-DBMS  (Ron Bourret)
The middleware for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases.

Java, Perl Free 3 3287
Whitehill <xml>Transport  (Whitehill Technologies, Inc.)
Engineered to generate pure, or well formed, XML from any data source.

Commercial 2 3248
eXportXML  (Schultz)
The easiest way from MS Word to XML

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 3209
OmniMark Gandalf  (OmniMark Technologies)
A bulk conversion package for large scale file-to-file machine data conversion.

Windows, Various Unix Commercial 4 3154
DTD Parser and Schema Converters  (Ron Bourret)
Set of Java packages for exploring DTDs and converting between XML DTDs and XML schema languages

Java Free 3 3111
XML Translator Generator (XTransGen)  (IBM Alphaworks)
The XML Translator Generator automatically generates translators for translating XML documents based one DTD to XML documents based on another DTD.

Java 1 3073
FOP  (The Apache Software Foundation)
The world's first print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects.

Java Free 2 2998
X-Wave  (SAXESS Software Design GmbH)
Converts any kind of XML input data into Shockwave/Flash format (SWF).

Java Free 2 2983
RTF TO XML  (Novosoft LLC)
Converts your RTF documents (created, for example, in Microsoft® Word) to different printable and viewable formats such as PDF, XML+XSL FO, HTML, Postscript, etc.

Java Commercial, Evaluation version available 1 2945
XMLMate  (Insight Software Corporation)
Enables quick and trouble free conversion of existing data sources into XML, allowing organizations and individuals to become immediately XML enabled, smoothing the path to true e-business readiness

Commercial (evaluation version available) 0 2925
xtr2any  (Sema Belgium)
A simple easy-to-use conversion tool, specifically targeted at the conversions needed by a prepress department receiving marked up electronic data files from its clients. The file markup is supposed to be XML-based.

Microsoft Windows, Linux Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 2892
ODBC2XML  (Intelligent Systems Research)
Simplifies the generation of complex XML documents, by allowing non-programmers to generate sophisticated XML files without the need for scripting languages, report writers, or other more complex processing tools.

Microsoft Windows Shareware (Trial version available) 2 2842
TIDY  (Dave Raggett (
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY

Free 1 2809
X-Fetch Wrapper  (Republica Corp)
Converts virtually any ASCII- or Unicode-data as well as binary data directly into XML or other XML-based language (such as WML, XHTML and ebXML).

Commercial (evaluation version available) 2 2741
iCONNECTOR  (Infoteria Corporation)
Get data from point A.. To point anywhere.

Multi-platform Commercial, Trial version available 0 2733
XMLMill  (XMLMill)
A conversion tool that automatically generates PDF files from XML/XSL files

Java (OS independent) Commercial, evaluation version available 1 2559
DB/XML Vision  (DataMirror Corporation)
A cost-effective, scaled-down version of DB/XML Transform for simple database to XML conversion projects.

Java Commercial 1 2559
XEP Rendering Engine  (RenderX)
An engine that converts XSL FO documents to a printable form (PDF or PostScript).

Java Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 2518
XML Authority  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The comprehensive development environment for the design, conversion, and management of schemas for XML.

Microsoft Windows, Unix, Macintosh Commercial (evaluation version available) 0 2464
HiT Allora  (HiT Software)
XML Middleware: Allora for Windows, and Allora for Java

Windows or Java Commercial, Evaluation version available to download 4 2458
RTF FormattingKit  (SCHEMA GmbH)
An easy to use converter for high quality print publishing of your XML documentation

Microsoft Windows 499EUR per seat, Evaluation copy available 2 2405
VorteXML  (Datawatch Corporation)
Easy Conversion of Text Data into XML!
VorteXML converts existing, recurring structured text data into valid XML using any DTD or XDR schema on an ad hoc, programming-free basis!

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 2394
Liquent Xtent  (Liquent, Inc.)
A powerful, revolutionary technology that transforms your fixed information assets into a more fluid format, enabling you to provide customized content to multiple audiences.

Windows 2000 Server 0 2323
CredibleXML 1.5 (Java Edition)  (Crediware LLC)
An IDE that generates Java libraries to parse and transform data into a fully defined XML format.

Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP Commercial (Evaluation version available) 0 2248
YAWC Pro  (XML Workshop Ltd.)
A plug-in for Microsoft Word (97, 2000 and XP) that enables Word documents to be converted into HTML or XML.

Windows Commercial 0 1894
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