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home » software » Content Management Mon, Aug 13, 2007
Content Management

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
Apache Cocoon  (The Apache Software Foundation)
A 100% pure Java publishing framework that relies on new W3C technologies to provide web content.

Java Free 1 6488
Content@XML  (Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.)
Harnesses the power and flexibility of XML content in a simple yet comprehensive content management and workflow application.

Microsoft Windows NT, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX 1 6115
eContent  (Jcorporate Ltd.)
Simple and affordable content management application.

Java Commercial 4 6042
XMetaL  (SoftQuad Software, Ltd.)
Enabling XML content applications in e-commerce, e-publishing and Knowledge Management.

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 3710
SiberSafe  (SiberLogic Inc.)
Collaboration on large XML or Java files made possible by fragment level locking. Interoperates with SourceSafe, CVS and MKS Source Integrity archives. C and C++ developers can also enjoy the benefits of SiberSafe.

Microsoft Windows Commercial, Trial version available for download 0 3617
B-Bop Xfinity ™ Suite  (B-Bop Associates, Inc.)
Provides a scalable, high-volume XML data server for integrating, managing and sharing dynamic content for Web-based solutions for Multi-target publishing (Web/Wireless), Reporting, e-Learning, e-Commerce document management and Portals.

0 3602
Xpedio Content Management System  (IntraNet Solutions, Inc.,)
Automatically supply business Web sites and other applications with consistent, managed content, and automatically publish fully linked Web sites

Java Commercial 2 3490
XMLdocs  (Veridocs Corporation)
XMLdocs is a low-TCO XML document creation and management solution delivered as a software service over the Web. It allows groups of technical and non-technical users to collaborate on and deploy XML documents. XMLdocs includes an innovative browser-based XML editor that hides the complexity of XML, making it easy for non-technical people to create XML documents.

Microsoft Windows Commercial - Free trial available. 0 3483
engenda  (eBT)
Managing content in an information-intensive world.

Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Solaris™ 2.7 or 2.8 Commercial 0 3462
Rhythmyx  (Percussion Software, Inc.)
An award winning easy-to-use web content management system is based totally on open standards (XML, XSL and JAVA).

Microsoft Windows or UNIX certified for Solaris 2.6 or higher Commercial 0 3456
SIM Web site content management  (RMIT MDS Group)
SIM is ideally suited to web site content management.

1 3417
Tridion DialogServer  (Tridion B.V.)
A native-XML based enterprise software platform for global web content management.

1 3407
Epic  (Arbortext)
XML-based Editing, Conversion and Publishing

Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, Compaq Tru64 Unix Commercial 4 3385
Advantage CMS  (CrownPeak Technology)
World-class content and digital asset management are available at a fixed, highly economical cost.

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 3354
eXpressroom  (Starbase Corporation)

Java Commercial 2 3340
Socrates XML  (Cincom Systems,Inc.)
For organizations that need to manage or integrate data from multiple data sources. Socrates XML is an XML data manager that allows you to use XML while leveraging existing applications and data.

Windows, Solaris, HP-US Commercial 1 3283
TEXTML Server  (IXIA, inc.)
An XML database whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content.

Microsoft Windows Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 3276
Frontier  (UserLand Software, Inc.)
A HTTP server, programming, database and XML environment used to build and publish big-content news-oriented sites that are easy to manage, for developers, writers and designers.

Windows and Mac Commercial 0 3201
entrepid™  (eBT)
A powerful content management, workflow automation and delivery solution for demanding e-businesses.

Sun Solaris® 2.8 with required patches 1 3195
DynaBase  (eBT)
Provides you with the industry's most comprehensive and proven solution for gathering, managing and delivering content for e-business and eCommerce sites.

Windows NT 4.0 , Solaris 2.6 Commercial 3 3183
Ektron CMS300  (Ektron Inc.)
Ektron CMS300, a full-featured XML content management solution, lets users author XML and HTML Web content. Strictly enforces content and page layout, delivers to multiple devices, and shares XML content in B2B transactions. Runs on ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and ColdFusion platforms.

Microsoft Windows Commercial - Trial version available for download 1 2938
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