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home » software » XML Parsers and Processors Tue, Aug 14, 2007
XML Parsers and Processors

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation)
High-performance XML parser which is available as a COM component, and can be used to implement XML support in applications.

Microsoft Windows Free 1 14870
Xerces  (Apache Software Foundation)
XML parsers in Java, C++ (with Perl and COM bindings)

Java, C++ Free 0 9965
Expat XML Parser  (Clark Cooper)
An XML parser library written in C.

C Free 1 9887
XML for C++ parser (XML4C)  (IBM Alphaworks)
Three shared C++ libraries with classes for parsing, generating, manipulating, and validating XML documents in over 150 different encodings.

Free AIX,Linux,Solaris,Windows,HP-UX 11,AS/400 0 8052
TinyXML  (Tom Gibara)
An open-source non-validating XML parser written in Java.

Java Open Source 1 5524
XML Parser for Java  (IBM Corporation)
A validating XML parser written in 100% pure Java.

Linux, All Java Platforms Free 2 5364
CMarkup  (First Objective Software (
Small C++ source code class for quickly parsing, creating and modifying XML documents with simplified XML methods. For light weight use without dependency on other XML components.

C++ (STL), Visual C++ (MFC) Commercial Developer License, Evaluation 1 5086
Oracle XML Developer's Kits  (Oracle Corporation)
Supporting Java, C, C++ and PL/SQL, the components create and parse XML using industry standard DOM and SAX interfaces.

Java, C++, PL/SQL Free deployment and distribution 1 5012
XML Validator  (ElCel Technology)
A validating XML processor

Microsoft Windows and Linux Free 2 4924
XML Parser for PL/SQL  (Oracle Corporation)
XML parser/XSL processor with error recovery, support for namespaces, the XSLT 1.0 Recommendation, DOM 1.0, and a large number of encoding sets.

Oracle 8i Free deployment and distribution 1 4740
libxml, a.k.a. gnome-xml  (Daniel Veillard)
The XML C library for Gnome

Unix/Linux/Windows Free 2 4470
XMLPartner  (TurboPower Software Company)
XMLPartner 2.5 helps add the power of XML to Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, and Kylix projects through native, easy to use VCL and CLX components. These powerful components simplify the process of creating, modifying, and parsing XML data documents.

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 4440
XML for wxWindows  (Sterling Design)
An open source, static C++ library that allows for XML integration into your software

wxWindows (C++ cross platform toolkit) Free 2 4247
Xparse  (Jeremie)
Xparse is a fully compliant* well-formed XML parser written in less than 5k of JavaScript.

JavaScript Free 0 4020
XML Engine  (ElfData (Theodore H. Smith))
Parse, render, analyse, create and alter XML. Want to make a Mac app that does any of this with XML? You can make it with REALbasic and XML Engine. XML Engine is powerful and simple.

Macintosh See details for purchase info. 1 3517
iPEX (Infoteria Processing Engine for XML)  (Infoteria Corporation)
A high performance, cross-platform, XML processing engine that lets you incorporate XML functionality into your existing C++ applications.

Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux Commercial (evaluation version available) 1 3508
Canonical XML Processor  (ElCel Technology)
A free command-line utility built using the SAX 2.0 interface.

Microsoft Windows and Linux Free 1 3493
Chilkat XML  (Chilkat Software, Inc.)
A high-performance alternative to the standard XML DOM for creating, navigating, and manipulating XML documents.

Microsoft Windows Free 1 3482
SP  (James Clark)
Full blown SGML parser and applications with XML and Unicode support. Also includes SX, an SGML to XML converter.

Unix, Windows, OS/2 Free 0 3345
Aelfred  (Open Text Corporation)
AElfred is a small, fast, DTD-aware Java-based XML parser, especially suitable for use in Java applets.

Java Free 1 3245
The Functional XML Parser  (Andreas Neumann)
A validating XML parser written in SML programming language.

SML Free 1 3148
XP  (James Clark)
An XML Parser in Java

Java Free 2 3111
Arabica  (Jez Higgins)
Arabica is an XML parser toolkit, providing SAX2 and DOM implementations, written in Standard C++.

Windows and Linux BSD-style license 0 3101
Larval  (Textuality)
Larval is a full validating XML processor; it reports violations of validity constraints, but does not apply draconian error handling to them.

Java Free 1 2967
JavaTM API for XML Processing  (Sun Microsystems)
Standard extension for XML parsing in Java 1.1 and later. Provides a standard way to seamlessly integrate any XML-compliant parser with a Java application. Supports the XML 1.0 Specification, SAX 1.0, DOM Level 1 Core and XML namespaces.

Java Free 0 2879
Ratchet  (Rogue Wave Software, Inc.)
An XML data binding utility.

C++ Technology Preview 0 2869
dom4j  (MetaStuff Ltd.)
The flexible XML framework for Java

Java Apache-style open source license 0 2770
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