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  You are here: home »» Free Library » Chapters from books published by Sybex Sunday, 17 February 2008 brings to you chapters from following books published by External link Sybex Inc.. Reproduced with kind permission of Sybex Inc.

Sybex Inc. pioneered computer book publishing when Dr. Rodnay Zaks founded it in 1976 in Berkeley, California and Paris, France. Sybex maintains affiliate offices in the UK and distributes books throughout the world. It is the largest independent computer book publisher, with a widely recognized reputation for producing top-quality computer books for novices to experts. Since day one, Sybex's mission has been to bring practical skills to computer users through comprehensive, high-quality education and reference materials.

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Visual C#™ .NET Developer's Handbook™Visual C#™ .NET Developer's Handbook™
John Paul Mueller

Visual C# .NET Developer's Handbook details C#'s strengths and gets you started building real-world projects. Author John Mueller also details what C# doesn't do well, to help you through difficult programming situations and provide you with solutions for your own applications.

As you'll discover, C# combines the ease of Visual Basic with the power required to tap into both the .NET Framework and the Windows API. You'll master standard application development with C#, including creating controls and components, working with threads and Active Directory, and programming security. You'll also master C#'s database connectivity capabilities through ADO.NET and its support for distributed development. You'll be able to build flexible applications that can connect desktops over a LAN or that work over the web with XML and SOAP, or even provide wireless access to mobile devices.

Throughout, Mueller provides advice on working efficiently, taking advantage of C#'s rich visual environment, and avoiding errors, including those to which the language is prone. Two appendices provide special help with making the transition from VB and Visual C++, and a third offers an otherwise undocumented trick: creating a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in.
Chapter 13: ADO.NET Application Development (1.5MB PDF, 40 pages)

Mastering™ Visual Basic® .NET Database ProgrammingMastering™ Visual Basic® .NET Database Programming
Evangelos Petroutsos; Asli Bilgin

Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET facilitate the development of a new generation of database applications, including disconnected applications that run on the Web. Mastering Visual Basic .NET Database Programming is the resource you need to thrive in this new world. Assuming no prior experience with database programming, this book teaches you every aspect of the craft, from GUI design to server development to middle-tier implementation. If you're familiar with earlier versions of ADO, you'll master the many new features of ADO.NET all the more quickly. You'll also learn the importance of XML within the new .NET paradigm.
Chapter 6: A First Look at ADO.NET (718 KB PDF)

Mastering™ Kylix™ 2Mastering™ Kylix™ 2
Marco Cantu; Uberto Barbini

Kylix 2 promises great things for the world of Linux application development. Mastering Kylix 2 is the best possible way for you to take advantage of everything this powerful RAD tool has to offer. Co-written by internationally acclaimed Delphi expert Marco Cantù, this book provides authoritative, tutorial-style instruction along with tips and tricks available nowhere else. Begin with Kylix basics and advance confidently, developing the skills needed to use Kylix to meet real challenges—from sockets programming to XML processing to web services development.
Chapter 7: VisualCLX (541 KB PDF)

Mastering™ ASP.NET with VB.NETMastering™ ASP.NET with VB.NET
A. Russell Jones

Microsoft's .NET Framework means enormous changes for Web programming. Using Visual Studio's ASP.NET and VB.NET, and a host of established and up-and-coming Internet technologies, you can build cleaner, more powerful Web applications, and you can do it more quickly than ever before. Mastering ASP.NET with VB.NET is packed with the vital information you need to get started and build the skills to develop the new generation of dynamic, easy-to-maintain web sites.
Chapter 4: Introduction to ASP.NET (539 KB PDF)

ADO and ADO.NET ProgrammingADO and ADO.NET Programming
Mike Gunderloy

ADO and ADO.NET Programming will help you use both APIs to write data access code that works perfectly, irrespective of the data source or front end. You'll learn to enlist ADO techniques in support of legacy systems, as well as in other scenarios where ADO is simply the better choice. And you'll master the special capabilities of ADO.NET, such as support for XML and disconnected data, that promise to make it the dominant data access API for years to come. Simple data retrieval and updating is only the beginning. Advanced topics include schema modification, data synchronization, and multidimensional aggregation.

There's more to ADO and ADO.NET than universal connectivity, of course. This book offers detailed coverage of source-specific and client-specific functionality, helping you tap into features unique to SQL Server, Oracle, and Jet, on the one hand, and Visual Basic, Access, and Excel, on the other hand. You also get a practical introduction to the .NET Framework and appendices covering major object models and the SQL and MDX query languages on CD.
Chapter 6: Using Records and Streams (1.41 MB PDF)

SOAP Programming with Java™SOAP Programming with Java™
Bill Brogden

SOAP Programming with Java provides the foundation and skills for realizing those ideas as fully functional solutions. Building on your knowledge of XML and XML tools, you'll create your own SOAP-based services that use not only HTTP but also the services media of the future: Java Message Service (JMS), JavaSpaces, and JavaMail. You'll also graduate from wired to wireless development, learning how Web-enabled devices fit into the world of SOAP-based distributed computing.

All this detailed, practical coverage is presented within the framework of Java programming, allowing you to capitalize on the advantages Java offers. Whether you use this book as an introduction to Web Services development or as a tool for mastering particular techniques, it will equip you with a sound understanding and hard-to-find skills
Chapter 8: SOAP Architecture Using Messages (1.43 MB PDF)

Visual Basic® .NET CompleteVisual Basic® .NET Complete
Sybex Inc.

Visual Basic .NET Complete is a one-of-a-kind book—valuable both for its broad content and its low price. Because the new version of Visual Basic is radically different from VB6, this book delivers the essential skills you need to start programming with VB.NET--including the basics of the new language and developing Windows applications with the new Visual Studio .NET tools.

With Visual Basic .NET Complete, you'll learn everything you need to know for Web application development with ASP.NET and XML—from working with Web Forms to building Web Services. You'll also learn how to build database applications with ADO.NET, the latest version of Microsoft's data access technology. Finally, you'll get the experience of creating real-world applications, including building an online store using .NET technologies.

Visual Basic .NET Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about Visual Basic .NET.
Chapter 14: A First Look at ADO.NET (456 KB PDF)

XML SchemasXML Schemas
Chelsea Valentine; Lucinda Dykes; Ed Tittel

XML Schemas introduces you to this elegant new technology, which brings the power of data modeling and data structuring to XML. A truly practical book has to give you more than just the details on syntax and semantics, examples of constructs and datatypes, and instruction in standard procedures. You get all that, but you'll also find lots of expert tips and techniques for document modeling, all reinforced with practical, real-world examples.

Even as you're discovering the advantages of XML Schema, you'll learn about the continuing use of DTDs. In some situations--when designing document-oriented XML, for example--DTDs might still be the way to go. You'll learn about visual XML Schema tools, but you'll also see how setting out armed with just a text editor gives you insights you might not acquire otherwise. It won't be long before you're developing your own XML Schema documents, using the power of XML to structure data for seamless, cross-platform exchange.
Chapter 5: Understanding XML Schema (2.45MB PDF)

XML CompleteXML Complete
Sybex Inc.

XML Complete is a one-of-a-kind book—valuable both for its broad content and its low price. The book contains all the essentials on XML, including comprehensive information on XML-related standards like XHTML and XSLT.

With XML Complete, you'll learn everything you need to know for Web development with XML—from creating elements, attributes, and entities to using XML with Servlets and JSP. The book contains the complete CML 1.0 (Second Edition) specification and details the new W3C schema specification recommendation. For a handy, up-to-date guide, Web developers don't need to look any farther!

XML Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about XML.
Chapter 4: Understanding and Creating Entities (388KB PDF)
Appendix: DOM - The Document Object Model, Level 1 (2.23MB PDF)

Getting Started with WAP and WMLGetting Started with WAP and WML
Huw Evans; Paul Ashworth

Join the Wireless Web Revolution!
The wireless Internet is one of the most revolutionary and promising developments in IT. Getting Started with WAP and WML is the most effective resource for Web programmers who want to develop WAP applications. Inside, a telecommunications engineer and an information designer combine more than two decades of experience to teach you the ins and outs of the Wireless Application Protocol and WML, the markup language that lets you build remarkably functional applications for wireless handheld devices.
Chapter 1: Introducing WAP and WML (996KB PDF)

Mastering™ XML Premium EditionMastering™ XML Premium Edition
Chuck White; Liam Quin; Linda Burman

Perhaps no other web standard is having as great an impact as XML. The reason? XML is all about structuring data so that you can use it the way you need--getting it into and out of databases and displaying it on any browser, including wireless devices. Mastering XML Premium Edition gives you everything you need to leverage the power of XML: Structure data for seamless multi-platform processing, create links that point to multiple documents, and dynamically incorporate data in the linking page. You will also learn about the evolving standards, new vocabularies for vertical markets, and the way XML is being used in real enterprises.
Chapter 16: Displaying XML: Using XSLFO for Document Creation (1,124KB PDF)

Mastering™ Visual Basic® .NETMastering™ Visual Basic® .NET
Evangelos Petroutsos

Chapter 5: Working with Forms (966KB PDF)

Visual Basic® .NET! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...™Visual Basic® .NET! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...™
Matt Tagliaferri

Visual Basic .NET! I Didn't Know You Could Do That. . . will help you conquer the .NET learning curve quickly as you make the transition to Microsoft's new programming paradigm. Inside you'll find loads of ideas and advice that will teach you the essential aspects of VB.NET. You'll also find a companion CD loaded with more than 60 ready-to-run pieces of code that you can implement in your VB.NET projects.
Chapter 1: From VB6 to VB.NET (1.18MB PDF)

ASP, ADO, and XML CompleteASP, ADO, and XML Complete
Sybex Inc.

ASP, ADO, and XML Complete is a one-of-a-kind computer book--valuable both for its extensive content and its low price. This book contains a wealth of vital information for any developer in need of a complete reference to the most essential technologies used for Web programming on the Windows platform.

ASP, ADO, and XML Complete not only covers the fundamentals of scripting and ASP but it also highlights database development with ADO and SQL Server, client-side scripting, building your own components, using XML with ASP, implementing e-commerce with Microsoft BizTalk server, and building your own online store.

ASP, ADO, and XML Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to turn when you want to learn even more about key Web development topics.
Chapter 10: Sample Application (325KB PDF)

Mastering™ XHTMLMastering™ XHTML
Ed Tittel; Chelsea Valentine; Lucinda Dykes; Mary Burmeister

Newly revised and updated, Mastering XHTML is a complete guide to the markup language that is leading the world of Web development from HTML to XML. You know the dangers of being left behind in this field, and this book ensures that you aren't, teaching you step by step how to convert existing HTML sites to XHTML and how to build new sites using this specification. It's a great way to hone your current skills and acquire new ones.
Chapter 6: Developing Tables (783 KB PDF)

XML In Record Time™XML In Record Time™
Natanya Pitts

XML In Record Time offers clear, practical coverage of Extensible Markup Language, the emerging standard for content-specific presentation on the Web. Inside, XML expert Natanya Pitts teaches you everything you need to know to join the first wave of XML implementations — from key concepts and terminology to the realities of mastering existing DTDs, developing your own DTDs, and publishing documents. Her insightful instruction, presented as a series of hands-on tutorials, will make you a knowledgeable, effective XML programmer in record time.

Each chapter focuses on a practical, real-world skill, so you can read the book straight through, skip subjects you already know, or even read chapters in any order that interests you.
Appendix A: Three Sample DTDs (SMIL DTD, Signed Document Markup Language, and Mathematical Markup Language (742 KB PDF)
Appendix B: Two complete CSS style sheets from the W3C collection(723 KB PDF)

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