310 Chapter 7 " Building a SQLXML Web Service Application The Domain name will be your server name and you can leave the Web Services name as soap. Now select Save. Select Configure; this is where we will load all of our SQL Objects that we want to become Web Services. Enabling Stored Procedures for Soap In this section we will get down to the heart of the application, which is the enabling of the stored procedures to be Web Services.This is the whole purpose of doing this exercise and is a vital step not to be missed. Now we can select the specific procs that we wish to use in our client appli- cation as Web Services. 1.   Select  New Method Mapping (see Figure 7.12). 2.   Check to see if the Edit/New Mapping type option SP is selected.Then select the push button browse option and view all of the stored pro- cedures available.Your list should resemble the list shown in Figure 7.13. www.syngress.com Figure 7.11 Virtual Directory Virtual Names Tab