128 Chapter 4 " Using XML in the .NET Framework Table 4.8 Continued Class Name Class Description XmlSchemaComplexType The W3C complexType element. XmlSchemaContent Contains an abstract model for the schema content. XmlSchemaContentModel Contains an abstract model for the schema content model. XmlSchemaDatatype An abstract class for mapping XSD and .NET Framework types. XmlSchemaDocumentation The W3C documentation element. XmlSchemaElement The W3C element element. XmlSchemaEnumerationFacet Defines enumeration facets and repre- sents the W3C enumeration facet. XmlSchemaException Returns exceptions from the schema. XmlSchemaExternal Returns information on the schema passed to it. XmlSchemaFacet Abstract class used for facets when simple types are derived by restriction. XmlSchemaFractionDigitsFacet The W3C fractionDigits facet. XmlSchemaGroup The W3C group element. XmlSchemaGroupBase Abstract class used for XmlSchemaChoice, XmlSchemaAll, and XmlSchemaSequence. XmlSchemaGroupRef The W3C group element with the ref attribute. XmlSchemaIdentityConstraint Represents the keykeyref, and unique elements. XmlSchemaImport The W3C import element. XmlSchemaInclude The W3C include element. XmlSchemaKey The W3C key element. XmlSchemaKeyref The W3C keyref element. XmlSchemaLengthFacet The W3C length facet. XmlSchemaMaxEclusiveFacet The W3C maxExclusive facet. XmlSchemaMaxInclusiveFacet The W3C maxInclusive element. XmlSchemaMinLengthFacet The W3C minLength facet. XmlSchemaNotation The W3C notation element. XmlSchemaNumericFacet The W3C numeric facets. www.syngress.com Continued 155_xml_net_pd_C04.qk  3/6/02  1:57 PM  Page 128