Using XML in the .NET Framework "  Chapter 4 129 Table 4.8 Continued Class Name Class Description XmlSchemaObject Creates an empty schema. XmlSchemaObjectCollection Handles collections of XmlSchemaObjects when returned from methods. XmlSchemaObjectEnumerator An enumerator to walk through the col- lection generation by XmlSchemaObjectCollection. XmlSchemaObjectTable Allows for read-only helpers for the XmlSchemaObject and provides the col- lections for elements accessible from the XmlSchema class. XmlSchemaParticle Base class for all particle types. XmlSchemaPatternFacet Class for defining pattern facets. XmlSchemaRedefine The W3C redefine element. XmlSchemaSequence The W3C sequence element. XmlSchemaSimpleContent The W3C simpleContent element. XmlSchemaSimpleContent A Microsoft extension; adds attributes to Extension the simpleType content. The W3C exten- sion element for simpleType content. XmlSchemaSimpleContent A Microsoft extension; affects an element Restriction within a subset of inherited simple types by restricting its range of values. XmlSchemaSimpleType The W3C simpleType element. XmlSchemaSimpleTypeContent Abstract class for all classes of simpleType content. XmlSchemaSimpleTypeList The W3C list element; a list of the simpleType elements. XmlSchemaSimpleTypeRestriction The W3C restriction element, but only for simpleTypes. XmlSchemaSimpleTypeUnion The W3C union element. XmlSchemaTotalDigitsFacet The W3C totalDigits element. XmlSchemaType Contains the base class for all simpleType and complexType classes. XmlSchemaUnique The W3C unique element. XmlSchemaWhiteSpaceFacet The W3C whiteSpace facet. XmlSchemaXPath The W3C selector element from the XPath specification. 155_xml_net_pd_C04.qk  3/6/02  1:57 PM  Page 129