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  You are here: home »» Free Library » Syngress Publishing Friday, 29 February 2008 brings to you chapters from following books published by Syngress Publishing, Inc. Reproduced with kind permission of Syngress Publishing, Inc.
Syngress Publishing is an independent publisher of print and electronic reference materials for Information Technology professionals seeking skill enhancement and career advancement. Distributed throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the U.S., Syngress titles have been translated into six languages and have sold more than 1,500,000 copies in the last two years. The Company's pioneering customer support program, [email protected], extends the value of every Syngress title with regular information updates and customer-driven author forums. Syngress has also established strategic alliances with Global Knowledge, one of the world's largest information technology education companies, and Callisma, the premier network services provider of Cisco convergence technology.

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Hack Proofing XML

XML is quickly becoming the universal protocol for transferring information from site to site via HTTP. Whereas HTML will continue to be the language for displaying documents on the Internet, developers will find new and interesting ways to harness the power of XML to transmit, exchange, and manipulate data using XML. Validation of the XML document and of the messages going to that document is the first line of defense in hack proofing XML. The same properties that make XML a powerful language for defining data across systems make it vulnerable to attacks. More important, since many firewalls will pass XML data without filtering, a poorly constructed and invalidated document can constitute a serious system-level vulnerability. Hack Proofing® XML will show you the ins and outs of XML and .NET security.

Read Chapter 5: XML Digital Signatures exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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Developing .NET Web Services with XML

The Complete Guide to Developing Web Services with XML.

Web Services provide a new level of interaction to all kinds of applications. The ability to access and use a remote Web Service to perform a function within an application enables programmers to quickly deliver more sophisticated applications in less time. Programmers no longer have to create and maintain all functions of an application. Reusability is also greatly enhanced by creating multiple Web Services that perform functions in multiple applications, thus freeing up time and resources to work on other aspects of specific projects.

Read Chapter 7: Building a SQLXML Web Service Application exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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XML .NET Developer's Guide

With the development of Microsoft's .NET initiative, industry experts are predicting a new dawn in the age of web development and services. This new strategy specifically addresses the need for common ways to develop server-based applications whose clients can be any system that has Internet access. By using .NET technologies and practices, developers can build solutions that aggregate services from all over the Internet. This promises to save time and money in development, promote the growth of new technology partnerships, and extend what's currently possible for Internet applications.

The .NET Framework has the potential to transform the Internet from a collection of isolated Web sites into e-business networks in which companies can more easily form alliances to deliver personalized services to customers. The Microsoft .NET programming model is designed to allow the integration and interoperability of any group of resources on the Internet into one single solution. Making all of this possible is the World Wide Web Consortium's Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Often touted as the new 'lingua franca' of the internet, XML will allow developers to free information from its presentational prison and give their site and services a new flexibility. Developers will be able to present information that can be organized, programmed and edited while ensuring that this information is efficiently distributed to a variety of digital devices. The .NET framework uses XML to achieve greater flexibility of information and increased interoperability. This book will show developers how to implement XML within the .NET framework.

Read Chapter 4: Using XML in the .NET Framework exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

Read Chapter 5: Using XML Schemas In The .NET Framework exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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C# .NET Developer's Guide
The Complete Guide to C# .NET and the .NET Framework

The focus of The C#.NET Web Developer's Guide is on providing you with code examples that will help you leverage the functionalities of the .NET Framework Class Libraries. One you have read this book, you will have covered the key concepts, libraries, and APIs of the .NET Framework that we feel will help you easily create new applications using C#.

Read Chapter 4: Windows Forms exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

Read Chapter 2: Introducing C# Programming on Web site.

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BizTalk Server 2000 Developer’s Guide for .NET
The Complete Guide to BizTalk Server 2000 and the .NET Framework

BizTalk Server 2000 is part of the .NET family of Enterprise Servers designed to work together to provide e-business solutions. The .NET Enterprise Servers are based on open Web standards, such as XML, to allow an organization to integrate and orchestrate their applications and service needs into a single comprehensive solution. This book shows how to use BizTalk Server 2000 to create, integrate, manage, and automate business processes for the exchange of business documents.

Read Chapter 4: Understanding BizTalk Messaging Services exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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Ruby Developer’s Guide
The Complete Guide to Developing and Deploying Real-World Ruby Applications

Ruby astounds developers with its ability to make programming fun again. It frees programmers to concentrate on programming objectives, and creates fewer obstacles than other languages by flowing ideas directly into the code. Although Ruby is experiencing dramatic growth, there are very few educational resources available for aspiring developers. Written by a team of Ruby gurus, Ruby Developer's Guide is the most comprehensive book available for serious Ruby developers.

Read Chapter 2: GUI Toolkits for Ruby exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide
The Complete Guide to ASP.NET and the .NET Framework

Since 1996, ASP programmers have faced one upgrade after another, often with no visible advantages until version 3.x. Now you have the first significant improvement in ASP programming within your grasp-ASP.NET. Your reliance on a watered-down version of Visual Basic has been alleviated now that ASP.NET pages may be programmed in both Microsoft's new version of Visual Basic or the latest version of C++: C#. ASP.NET allows programmers and developers to work with both VB.NET and C# within the same ASP.NET page. This book will show you how.

Read Chapter 2: ASP.NET Namespaces exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

Read Chapter 13: Creating A Message Board with ADO and XML on Web site.

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VB.NET Developer's Guide
The Complete Guide to Developing Applications with VB .NET

The introduction of VB.NET has sent many Visual Basic gurus back to the drawing board! VB.NET introduces a new set of standards, protocols, and syntax that previous users of Visual Basic will need to learn to regain their guru status and be positioned to create enterprise-critical applications. VB.NET Developer's Guide will help you master VB.NET!

Read Chapter 8: Windows Forms Components and Controls exculsively on (Reprinted by permission, Syngress Publishing (c) 2002.)

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