Building a SQLXML Web Service Application "  Chapter 7 317 </body> </HTML> This code contains the three basic pieces you will need: 1.   A DataGrid added to the page to show the results of when a user logged in and what project they are logged into. 2.   Two drop-downs that will be populated dynamically from the database to provide the projects and employees available to log in with. 3.   Everything else on this page is subject to change if you want; it is all styles and layout properties that can be changed with a few clicks. Previous chapters extensively covered the topic of DataGrids, therefore we will not repeat ourselves here.Your best option is to use the property builder and add the bound columns needed from the table track and add one more for a hyperlink column to our log out page. Consuming the Web Services Now that you have built the front-end of the Web form we can go to the code behind the cs page and add our program logic.This is where we will use our SQL Web Services to bind our controls with data.We first need to add a Web ref- erence to our SQL Web Service. Right-click on Web References and select Add Reference.This path is shown in Figure 7.17. Figure 7.16 Continued Figure 7.17 Add Web Reference