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Technology News [March 2001]

  • A brief history of SOAP  [Mar 30]
    Don Box takes a look back at the last three years of SOAP. A nice reading!

  • XML Query Engine  [Mar 29]
    The XQEngine utility lets you perform full-text-searches across multiple files using the XML Query Language (XQL) and Java.

  • Interoperability with the Microsoft SOAP Message Validator Sample Tool  [Mar 28]
    This article introduces Microsoft SOAP Message Validator, a sample tool used by developers to verify that their SOAP messages conform to the SOAP specification.

    See Also: Download Soap Message Validator

  • Brewing a HailStorm  [Mar 24]
    Microsoft's announcement of its HailStorm Web services infrastructure on Monday brought about a flurry of reports, opinions, concerns, praise, and initial impressions flowing in from all fronts.
    From the user's perspective, HailStorm is Microsoft's new architecture for building user-centric web services, gathering all of your information around you, the user.

  • Article: SOAP Toolkit 2.0: New Definition Languages Expose Your COM Objects to SOAP Clients  [Mar 22]
    In SOAP Toolkit 2.0, the Services Description Language (SDL) has been replaced with the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and the Web Services Meta Language (WSML). WSDL and WSML files describe the interfaces to a service and expose COM objects to SOAP clients. This article describes a custom tool, IDL2SDL, which takes an IDL file and produces WSDL and WSML files without waiting for a DLL or TLB file to be generated. Also shown is a customized development environment in which WSDL and WSML files automatically reflect the changes to IDL files.

  • Generating Cross-Tab Reports Using ADO, XML, XSLT, CSS  [Mar 20]
    A common problem faced by developers working with a SQL Server 7.0 backend is that there is no easy, reusable way to generate Cross-tab reports without writing a lot of customized code. One approach to dealing with this problem - as Chad de Silva explains - is by using XSLT (including some new features available in the MSXML3.0 release) to recursively transform an XML result tree into a Cross-tab report, without hard-coding column or row names, or pulling data from a pivot table.

  • White Paper: WMI in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000  [Mar 18]
    This white paper shows you how Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 can be used with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to manage Administration objects and consume events. BizTalk Server's implementation of WMI is discussed along with an example of a temporary event consumer. The schema classes are documented and the white paper ends with a library of code examples that provide solutions to common tasks encountered when using BizTalk Server with WMI.

  • Duwamish Online Using the XML Features of SQL Server 2000  [Mar 17]
    The XML features of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 offer new implementation options for all tiers of a distributed application. The implications of this technology for application architecture are discussed in the article SQL Server XML and Web Application Architecture. By reimplementing the catalog browsing features of Duwamish Online using the XML features of SQL Server 2000, we have the basis for comparison between this technology and the ASP / MSXML / Visual Basic 6 / ADO / COM+ combination used in Duwamish Online. This catalog implementation is covered in Duwamish Online SQL Server XML Catalog Browsing.

  • Article: Back Office Integration Using ASP, COM, XML & MSMQ  [Mar 14]
    Many businesses today have a good infrastructure in place with automated systems managing day-to-day processes. In the example of order placement, orders can be received via fax, phone, email, or over a trade counter, and then the back office application controls processes such as order tracking and stock levels. This introduces a layer of complexity, with disparate systems (the web shop and back office) communicating with one another, and with E-commerce, the solution needs to be scalable, resilient, and able to cater to the stateless world of the Internet. Wouldn't it be wonderful if on-line users could have access to real time order tracking and stock level information from ASP pages? In this article, Richard Costall covers one solution to this problem using ASP, COM, XML, and MSMQ.

  • XML Schemas: Best Practice
       Also see: Schema and XSLT Tutorials  [Mar 13]
    XML Schemas is an exciting new technology with lots of power. It's big ... and powerful ... and new ... and without a large experience base. With anything new it is often difficult to know how to get started, especially when there are no guidelines to show the way. The purpose of the Best Practices discussion is to collectively create a set of schema design guidelines that describes the pros and cons of each design issue, this enabling a schema designer to make intelligent design decisions in creating a schema. The objective of these guidelines is not to dictate rules, "thou shall follow these rules", but rather, to shed light on all sides of each design issue, so that a schema designer is empowered to make intelligent design decisions.

  • MSXML 3.0 Localized Versions now available!  [Mar 10]
    The Microsoft® XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 localized versions include Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Japanese, German, and Korean.

  • Soap Toolkit 2.0 Beta 2 now available  [Mar 09]
    This is the second Beta release of the Microsoft® Soap Toolkit Version 2. This Toolkit offers functionality similar to the MSDN Soap Toolkit sample which has been available for several months, but it will be a fully Microsoft supported product. The GOLD release of this Toolkit will replace the current MSDN Soap Toolkit.

  • TechNetCast: The XML-Meta Architecture  [Mar 07]
    The promise of XML as a mechanism for universal data exchange extends well beyond the transmission of machine processed character data. Schema WG member Henry Thompson offers the compelling vision of a world where higher-level abstractions -data types built upon the XML Infoset- are communicated and exchanged and processed as easily as ascii-encoded bytes.

  • Announcement: Interbind Releases IBX 0.9  [Mar 07]
    Interbind XML Messaging Server (IBX) employs a service-oriented, peer-to-peer architecture to connect to remote Web Services and to expose local resources as Web Services. IBX is a lightweight server of pure Java components for sending, receiving, routing and transforming messages over a network. It is an extensible, programmable, high performance communications platform especially suited for distributed applications.

    IBX 0.9, adding HTTP and preliminary SOAP support, is available for free download at IBX is licensable for commercial installation on a per CPU basis by contacting [email protected] or calling (212) 953-1999.

  • Article: Creating a Light Weight Graphing Solution with XSL, XML and CSS  [Mar 06]
    Graphing data pulled from a database is a fairly routinely requested job, but when doing this for a large number of concurrent users the server can be overstretched. In this article, Ian Vink shows a way of creating graphs on the clients PC without over taxing the server.

  • Petition to withdraw xsl:script from XSLT 1.1  [Mar 01]
    Alexey Gokhberg, Uche Ogbuji, Clark C. Evans, Peter Flynn, Francis Norton, Dave Pawson, Tobias Reif, and Adam Van Den Hoven have created a petition against the xsl:script element in XSLT 1.1 Working draft.

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