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    • Mobile Enterprise Server™:

      Presentation Logic
      Client Customization Objects (CCO) for client independence. XSLT for XML stylesheet attributes. XML port for server to server communication.

      Enterprise Server Modules
      Extensibility of given functionality through server modules and industry standard API for J2EE and RSML.

      RSML Application Logic
      Build applications 100% XML proof with Linkedwith's RuleSet Markup Language. RSML is easy. RSML is extensible.

      Transformation Logic
      The XML-Builder for XML transformation and application communication.

      Connectivity to the existing corporate IT
      Connect by X-Connector technology to existing applications like MS Exchange, Domino, mail, fax, sms and SQL Databases like Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, SyBase, Adabas and others.

      Universal data formatting for Mobile Business Strategies
      Only XML (eXtensible Markup Language) data formats can guarantee the future of your business in our vastly changing e- and m-commerce economy. Data integrity and structure will be decisive for your business, enabling application performance, storage and integration flexibility for any future business. Internationally compatible By using XML, your business becomes »international-proof«, because XML supports the Unicode Standard and features multi language documents.

      Open Standards
      The concept of XML and XML data handling allows eXtension of data structures in any possible way, even those as yet unforeseen. Adapting specific business languages is no longer a costly and time consuming process.

      New views, no programming
      With Linkedwith XML-Builder technologies you will be able to view your data on any new client without reprogramming. Client Customization Objects allow instant transformation of your data to new views, without having to change the data or source programming.

      XML: Integration of any existing data
      XML X-Connector technology allows the integration of any type of data. As well as any source of data. Text, business data, media data or Java can be universally integrated and represented on any XML or WAP enabled client.

      Client independence
      XSL Transformation (XSLT) is used to perform transformation of XML content and deliver client specific output. Client Customization Objects (CCO-XML), XSLT and XML-Builder components guarantee client-specific output to all available wap-devices.

      Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Sun Solaris. Releases on SCO Unix, HP UX and Linux will be available shortly.
      License: Commercial, Free download available
      Developed by: Linkedwith GmbH
      More Information
    • Interbind XML Messaging Server (IBX):

      Interbind XML Messaging Server (IBX) employs a service-oriented, peer-to-peer architecture to connect to remote Web Services and to expose local resources as Web Services. IBX is a lightweight server of pure Java components for sending, receiving, routing and transforming messages over a network. It is an extensible, programmable, high performance communications platform especially suited for distributed applications.

      IBX 0.9 is available for free download at IBX is licensable for commercial installation on a per CPU basis by contacting [email protected] or calling (212) 953-1999.

      License: Commercial, Free download available
      Developed by: Interbind, Inc.
      More Information
    • Various Products from SiberLogic Inc.:

      SiberSafe: Collaboration on large XML or Java files made possible by fragment level locking. Interoperates with SourceSafe, CVS and MKS Source Integrity archives. C and C++ developers can also enjoy the benefits of SiberSafe.

      SiberMeld: Merging XML files just got easier. SiberMeld lets you amalgamate two XML documents into one at the document structure level.

      SiberStage: Changes that belong together get published to the site upon request or on a scheduled basis. If your content is XML, the translation is applied and the result deployed to the appropriate location in the server file system.

      Platforms: Windows 98, NT4 sp3 or greater, Windows 2000 with JRE 1.2.2
      License: Commercial, Free download available
      Developed by: SiberLogic Inc.
      More Information
    • Tamino:

      Tamino XML Database is the world's first and fastest Internet database management system capable of storing XML documents natively, without transformation to other formats.

      Platforms: Server: Windows NT, UNIX, LINUX, IBM OS/390. Client: Windows NT and web browser
      License: Commercial
      Developed by: Software AG
      More Information
    • The Rhythmyx Product Family:

      Rhythmyx Content Manager
      Rhythmyx Content Manager - the next generation Web Content Management System is designed to be flexible, open, and easy to use. Quickly access, manage, utilize and publish content from diverse sources and emPOWER your organization to efficiently manage content and speed up the Web publishing cycle Using native, standards-based XML and XSL as key enabling technologies, our solutions integrate into virtually any existing system quickly and easily, providing substantial value today and into the future.

      Rhythmyx Integrator
      Integrate XML into your web applications to quickly add wireless support, B2B access, extensibility, and maintenance!

      Developed by: Percussion Software
      More Information
    • TEXTML Server:

      The TEXTML Server is an XML document server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve large quantities of XML documents. Geared for anyone looking to implement a web-based XML document management component within a larger solution the TEXTML Server features a documented COM API with an Active Server Page toolkit.

      Platforms: Server: Windows NT 4.0; Client: Internet Explorer 5.0
      License: Commercial; free evaluation version for up to 1000 documents
      Developed by: IXIASOFT
      More Information
    • X-HIVE:

      X-Hive Corporation is an innovator in XML database technology. Its premier product, X-Hive/DB, enables developers of XML applications to store, search and retrieve XML documents in a fast and scalable manner. X-Hive/DB supports open standards to ensure ease of programming and effortless integration. X-Hive/DB’s ability to instantly locate and retrieve the smallest element within very large documents or collections of documents, sets it apart from alternative XML storage solutions and makes it the ideal database for publishers and developers of content management systems. X-Hive Corporation is an active member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

      Platforms: Linux, Solaris, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, WinNT, Win95/98
      License: Commercial
      Developed by: X-Hive Corporation
      More Information
    • eXcelon:

      An "XML data server for building enterprise web applications." Allows the storage and management of native XML. "XML is parsed and then stored in its parsed format; that is, its building elements are stored as individual objects in XMLStore for performance and reuse of XML elements." Supports XML, SQL, XQL, DOM, Java, COM, and server-side XSLT and XPath. Nice features include: eXcelon Explorer, a browser to view, import, organize, modify, query, and set securities on data visually, Stylus, a WYSIWIG tool for creating XSL stylesheets, and eXcelon Studio, to define XML schemas (DCD) and generate XML-based and data-driven web pages for rapid application development.

      Platforms: Windows NT4/2000
      License: Commercial
      Developed by: Excelon Corporation
      More Information
    • B-Bop Xfinity™ Suite:

      The B-Bop Xfinity Suite includes:

      B-Bop Xfinity Server: Provides a scalable, high-volume XML data server for integrating, managing and sharing dynamic content for Web-based solutions for Multi-target publishing (Web/Wireless), Reporting, e-Learning, e-Commerce document management and Portals. Xfinity Server is an ideal platform for businesses who want to rapidly deploy scalable solutions using XML, the new standard for managing and distributing content on the Web.

      B-Bop Xfinity Author Server: Provides a highly flexible Web-based environment including configurable workflow to streamline Web publishing processes.It includes seamless Microsoft Word and Excel-to-XML conversion allowing business users to create re-usable XML content. Combined with Xfinity Server it delivers a complete solution for enabling business users to publish business critical content directly to the Web.

      B-Bop Xfinity Author wX B-Bop Xfinity Author wX is an easy-to-use add-on to Microsoft Word that enables users to create structured content in XML using the familiar Word authoring environment.

      B-Bop Xfinity Author eX

      Platforms: Solaris 2.x, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
      License: Commercial
      Developed by: B-Bop Associates
      More Information
    • XML Canon:

      XML repository for an organization's XML schemas, DTDs, instance documents, style sheets, adjuncts, and miscellaneous files associated with these assets. At the enterprise level, XML Canon provides a collaborative development environment for any XML or non-XML document used for implementation of XML within an organization. This Internet-enabled server will provide a team environment for users of XML Authority, and XML Instance and provide management and versioning control facilities for any infrastructure asset related to XML development. DTDs/Schema's are created with XML authority, instances are created with XML instance.

      Platforms: Windows NT, Linux, Solaris
      License: (info not available)
      Developed by: Extensibility
      More Information
    • DataChannel Server (DCS) 4.1:

      DataChannel Server (DCS) software provides the platform for powerful XML-based EIP solutions that give employees, partners and customers access to personalized content through any web-enabled device -- anytime, anywhere. DCS helps companies categorize, personalize, collaborate, publish, and administer all enterprise information from one central location as part of an open standards-based solution.

      Platforms: Server: Windows NT Server 4.0/2000, Sun Solaris; Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator
      License: Commercial
      Developed by: DataChannel
      More Information
    • Ipedo:

      Designed to speed data delivery and transformation in Web and wireless applications, the Ipedo XML Database combines advanced XML query processing with a high-speed native XML database engine. The all-Java server includes advanced XSLT and XPath processing features. Users interested in beta testing Ipedo XML Database should see

      License: Beta
      Developed by: Ipedo, Inc.
      More Information


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